Ancient Roman culture is where modern Italian culture comes

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Post by Cresasso » Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:15 am

This is sadly true.

Italian ways of thinking, doing business have not evolved well. Italy is going through a very rough patch. It's paradoxic, everyone complains of crisis, but huge cars, expensive clothes, big houses and vulgar displays of wealth abound. Statistics have it that >20% of families do not have the money to "arrivare alla fine del mese" (make it to the end of the month), yet so many people have money to blow on nose candy and their mistress.

Unemployment is high, but stuff is getting done. Young people can't find jobs, yet the small businesses are still for the most part humming along strong.

It's a land of contradiction. I still don't understand it or can navigate it, which is why we left.

I guess the biggest link is what the Roman merchants used to do: have a shop that looked awful from the outside, and have the real treasure goods they sold hidden way in the back under piles of junk. When the tax collector arrived, they would cry bloody poverty, and laugh all the way to stuffing their matterasses full of gold.

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Re: Ancient Roman culture is where modern Italian culture co

Post by Ember » Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:41 am

Actually, Italians are not the evolution of romans, but of the many different ethnic groups that inhabited the peninsula...
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Post by Cresasso » Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:11 pm

Yes, that is very true!

What I meant was a tongue in cheek reference that the psychology of the nation is still stuck way back, which is what has held Italy back and ailed it so the last few decades.

You're right though. Whoa is Italy diverse. Signs of the normans in Caserta, the Slavic Italy, signs of the Arabs in Toscana.

And everyone tells me I don't look Italian. Well my roots are more Slavic, Germanic and possibly African.... but what a crazy stereotype.

Some people we just had over brought us "Italian pastries" asking me "are these authentic". Well, Americans always ask "What do they do in Italy". My answer is always "Well, what province are you talking about, and I will let you know" If Rimini is already pretty different from Bologna....

It was the television that united Italy in the 50's then. Before that the local dialects were really uninteligible. I read books about Italians in WW2 where so many died in war because the officer was barking orders in one dialect, and none of the men understood, or vice versa. So yes, the local diversity in Italy is shocking. Sure, you travel in the US and things change, but in Italy, from one valley to the other, even a difference of 30km is an entire world!

So my answer to the pastry question anyway was that until recently (because my mother who grew up in the 50's and 60's in a remote corner of Toscana confirmed) Cannolli and Zeppole were unheard of. And what I posted above.


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