Thank you, wonderful forum members!

Join us here for some fun chit chat, or share your opinions on rumours and gossip in the news. Beginners and advanced Italian speakers are all welcome!
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Thank you, wonderful forum members!

Post by Mindy »

Ciao a tutti, I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy! :)

As administrator of this forum, I wanted to post a quick note so you would know I'm still around! As many of you have noticed, I have been less than active here on the is full and wonderful, but I wish I had more time to spend with you all. I do visit regularly, and noticed that you all help keep this a friendly, warm, welcoming community. Special thanks to Roby, Peter and Davide for your efforts, and for ensuring that both old-timers and newcomers feel valued.

I've noticed that there has been some friction among members recently, but it seems to have been resolved, and for that I am grateful. Every single one of you helps make the culture here at Impariamo one of open communication and collaboration. To paraphrase one of our members' signature lines, I hope we can continue to help one another in a friendly atmosphere! :)

Un abbraccione forte forte a tutti,
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Post by Roby »

Hi Mindy...

How are you?

Nicely put.... I hope all is well with you and yours.
"Per raro che sia, il vero amore e' meno raro della vera amicizia."

"As rare as true love is, it is not as rare as true friendship."
- François de La Rochefoucauld
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Post by Davide »

Thanks for that, Mindy - it's the openness and friendliness of this forum that makes it so special and so uniquely different from many other. Long may it continue. :D

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Post by coffeecup »

amen to that, Davide! :D
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Post by Peter »

grazie, Mindy. Da certo sarebbe buonissimo rivederti qui un po' più spesso se sarà mica possibile. :) :)

Devo essere d'accordo con quello che ha detto Davide. :D Certamente non abbiamo gli stessi problemi che soffrono altri forum. :)
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Post by Cresasso »

This seems to be a wonderful forum.

I feel immediately safe and wishing to share many things here.

Maybe I am just projecting my nostalgia of back home, but it's a pleasure to discuss.

Responses are few and slow, but of high quality. One can tell this is a good forum, thanks for keeping it the way it is!
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