Italian TV series?

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Italian TV series?

Post by turkjey5 »

Does anyone have any suggestions about good TV series? I'd like to watch something to improve my listening.
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Post by Davide »

I Can't get Italian TV here in the UK on my satellite system but this link is a good place to start ... efde8a37bd

There are some good 'soap operas' such as 'Un Posto al Sole' and the 'Coliandro' detective series. No doubt our natives speakers in Italy will hae some good suggestions.

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Post by coffeecup »

I like watching Inspector Rex: Rex in Rome.

It's got subtitles, but half the time they don't match the actual, literal translation of Italian, and I sort of make it a game to spot the mistakes. That really helps with listening skills.
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Post by grazia213 »

I watch Alisa segui il tuo cuore ( german soap opera translated for italian) I like it! lol I follow Alisa on Youtube you should be able to just search it as Alisa segui il tuo cuore and you will get episodes pop up.

There is series called La Ladra and there was another that finished a while ago called Terra Ribelle ( a seven part series be aware this got alot of attention from the media in italy because of some scenes...dubbed as hotter then desperate housewives. BUT if you can over look these issues it is not too bad of a series.)

The Ladra and Terra Ribelle aired here in canada on rai channel. You can also download both series from a P2P if you wanted to as well.
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Post by Peter »

There are also the Commissario Montalbano tv films based on Andrea Camilleri's books. Worth a look at ... 4.html?p=0.

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