Back again..

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Back again..

Post by ladybird »

I have received an email from a dear friend here and it is nice to know that I haven't been forgotten, I haven't forgotten you guys either but life has been very difficult over the past few months.

So much of what I had learnt seems to have disappeared from my mind :( .

I know this is the place where I feel at home and can ask anything so I'm back, will need to take my time and just read a bit first..I have already seen something which has caught my eye!

Thanks for thinking of me (I don't normally do sentiment but have one of these x)
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Re: Back again..

Post by Peter »

ciao Angie, so good to see you back here. Certainly, take your time over things - if there's anything at all that you find a bit perplexing let us know. And here' a x back! :)
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Re: Back again..

Post by BillyShears »

Great to see you back Angie. I echo what Peter stated. Unfortunately duty calls and I have to sign off.

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Re: Back again..

Post by Itikar »

Welcome back. :D

Don't worry about forgetting things you learnt. They are probably still there under the surface.
Once you will start to use them again they will come back faster than you can imagine. :)
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Re: Back again..

Post by calum »

It's good to have you back, Ladybird!

I'm sure your Italian skills are all still there, you'll only have to clear away a little bit of dust to find them.


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