C'e and Ci sono

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C'e and Ci sono

Post by Roby »

C'e and Ci sono:
C'e = there is
Ci sono = there are
C' era = there was
C'erano = there were

C'e ancora molto da fare.
There is still much to do.

Ci sono quattro posti liberi.
There are still four empty positions.

C'era molto da fare.
There was much to do.

C'erano molte cose da fare.
There were many things to do.

ci sono also means I'm here. Non ci sono also
means I'm not here.
Non c'e means that He is not here/there / she is
not here/there;
It is not there/ It is not here.

As for the "non ci sono," it all depends on the
context. On its own, I would translate that sentence as "I don't care, as I
wont be there."
"Peter, vengo a trovarti sabato." (Peter, I'll
come and visit you on Saturday)

"Mi dispiace Roby, ma non ci sono." (I'm sorry
Roby, but I wont
be there -- I wont be home)

Non ci sono can also mean.... I am not there/here
Ex. Ci sei? Are
> you there? Non ci sono. No, I'm not here.
> Ci sono is used to say I'm here. Ci sei? Are you
> Ci sono also means... There are...

I don't care translates to Non me ne importa; non
importa; non fa niente.
I don't care at all: non me ne importa niente; non
me ne importa affatto
It makes no difference or It doesn't matter: Non fa

non ci sono means also like non disturbarmi or lasciarmi stare.... Don't disturb me or Leave me alone

There are none is written as so.... Non ce n'e'

Posts: 3850
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Post by Roby »

I have learned something new today.

You may also see Vi e' and Vi sono for c'e' e ci sono.
Vi e' and vi sono are simply a more formal somewhat posh version of c'e' and ci sono.
If you see vi e' and vi sono written in a message or you hear it in a conversation, don't be confusioned. They just means c'e' and ci sono.
"Per raro che sia, il vero amore e' meno raro della vera amicizia."

"As rare as true love is, it is not as rare as true friendship."
- François de La Rochefoucauld
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