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Regional Italian (I dialetti italiani)

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:17 am
by Nicholas1998
Hi everybody,

I have a question about the regional "talk" in southern italy.

Is Napolitano spoken in Molise?

What "talk" is used in Molize?

Is it understood by Napolitano?

Can Napolitano and Palermitano understand eachother?

I appreciate any help,

A little background: my grandparents are from italy: palermo and molise to be exact. They spoke to eachother and us in italian, when we were younger, and now we dont have any good level in their italian. I assumed my grandmother was from napoli, but i just found out she departed from Napoli amd was from Molise. Now i am confused, because if she was from Napoli she would ve spoke napolitano which is similar to sicilian language and made communication between my grandparents sensible. But now i find she aint and i dont know much about Molise, except that its much further away from palermo than napoli is.

Re: Regional Italian (I dialetti italiani)

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:06 pm
by 99 Posse
Buongiorno ragazzo,

Innanzitutto mi dispiace perché so solo un po' di inglese. Allora, the two different dialetti are very different but, most Italians today speak Standard Tuscan Italian or at least understand it. As far as Napolitano dialetto goes, a speaker from Firenze would have a tough time understanding Napolitano dialetto e slang. I have not ever been to Molise but I would make the assumption that it differs a bit because Italia only became a unified country around 150 years ago. In general Napolitano dialetto pronounces words with a double consonant even if they don't have them. Per essempio, in the north we say mangiare for to eat but in the south they say "Mangiammba". Questo è la pronunciation e non è l'ortografia. Also in the south the "s" like in casa is pronounced with a ss (like a snake) sound and not a z like caza. Finalmente, there are some phrases that are strictly Napolitano dialetto like, "Statte Accort" - stammi bene o "take care" also "Quant' cost'..." - "Quanta costa"
"Bbona jurnata" buona giornata and my favorite "Ne ma kè stàto...kè succieso" invece di "Allora, cos'è successo"

Spero che aiuti!
A Dopo