Help needed for a failed translation

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Help needed for a failed translation

Post by nel_cammino » Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:43 pm

Hello, I'm new to here,
so I hope this will not be rude to ask;
but I recently helped my friend translating a song in Italian to English(mainly for its meaning)...
The problem is, my Italian knowledge is very, very limited (I do speak some Spanish but not really Italian)
so my translation is prone to much error...
Could I please ask if someone would be kind enough to correct my horrible translation?
Of course explanations would be most appreciated,
but I understand this might be something too trivial... :shock:
Original from Il Filosofo di Campagna by Galuppi
La mia ragion è questa,
mi par ragione onesta;
la figlia mi chiedeste,
e la ragion voleste.
La mia ragion stà qui,
la mia ragion stà qui.

Non posso dir di si
perchè vuò dir di nò;
se non vi basta ancora,
un altra ne di rò.

Rispondo, Signor nò,
perchè la vuò cosi,
e son padron di dirlo,
e son padron di dirlo;
la mia ragion stà qui.
My translation which failed miserably :cry:
The reason of mine is this,
to me an honest reason;
you asked about my daughter,
and you wanted the reason.
here is my reason,
here is my reason.

I cannot say to you a "yes"
because you want to say "no";
if that's still not enough to you,
another of it I'll say.

I respond: My lord, no,
because you want it so.
and I am (padron) to say that,
and I am (padron) to say that;
the reason of mine is here.
grazie millie! Many thanks! :o

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