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translation of poem

Post by barryc » Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:49 pm

could someone please help me translate this-thank you


The night time sky a trawler with it's net
the moon, catching ghosts, unable to
locate an echo of my future as it faded
away. We threw our net into the waters
below, I wonder if the sea aches for a
heart, it could sigh with the yawning
winds, on this my last trip for a final
haul of mussels. Spirits mistake water
for glass, they pour sand demanding,
form, mass, a frame for an hourglass.
I am but a grain of sand blown into
the eyes of time, resigned to heaven's
tides until they reach the shore. Our
hoard of mussels tastes the drumming
rain, my scarecrow heart is warning
of future terrain as he yearns to explore
the waters of the sun to find an hourglass
filled with suns.

and this also:
The wind strokes it's tongue on the barbed wire
of the killing fields until it bleeds.Souls are buoyed
on Christly tears , children flee carrying their souls
in shells, arriving here like turtles, using the moon
as a stepping stone, crossing the water in dreams,
towards stairs, Do the stair cases of heaven and hell
intersect? Death nails the moon's ghost to the sky,
children are restored by the whispering blood of the wind's

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