Hi, I need your help for an italian language teaching project.

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Hi, I need your help for an italian language teaching project.

Postby Abaldini » Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:54 am

I'm studying linguistics at university in Italy and I'm preparing an exam, for which I have to select a grammar topic and imagine how to teach it to non-native speakers. I chose to do this project about italian clitics, so it would be very helpful to know from you, as italian learners, the main difficulties that you have with them. Could you help me about this? These are the italian clitic pronouns:

mi, ti, lo, la, gli, le, si, ci, vi, li, le, ne, si

Some examples:
Io la conosco/lo conosco/ti conosco.
Gli ho dato la borsa/le ho dato/ti ho dato. Lui ci ha dato/vi ha dato.
Ci mette un'ora ad arrivare.
Ne deduco che ha deciso di venire.
A Roma ci sono stata l'anno scorso. Non ci tornerò anche quest'estate.
Si lava due volte al giorno.
Si sa che si vive meglio in campagna.

Combinations of two clitics:
Ce l'hai fatta?
Glielo ripeto sempre.
Ce ne sono due.

Combinations of three clitics:
Gliene si parla.
Glielo si dice.
Ci se ne fa una ragione.

What do you think about these examples? What is your level of italian (if possibile, use the Common European Framework for languages, for ex. B1, B2 ecc)?
Thank you very much, if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask me.

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