Learning to speak italian.

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Learning to speak italian.

Post by Matteo »

Hey everyone. My name is Matt. I am an undergrad student about to attend my first year of University. My family can speak fluent italian, though english is the main language at home. This has always bothered me. I would like to learn italian and be able to hold a basic conversation as soon as possible. I would like to use forums to practice writing skills, and my family to speak.

At the moment I have only a very small knowledge of the language, what would you guys suggest be the best way to begin, just dive right in using a dictionary and attempt to respond?

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Post by coffeecup »

ciao matteo e benvenuto! :D

I would suggest you learn some basic verbs (like parlare, andare, volere, potere, bere, etc..) and pronouns (io, tu, lui/lei, noi, voi and loro) and start working on grammar (firstly present tense) and sentence structure.

From there, you'll be able to build up a good grammatical base, but it would also be a good idea to just memorise some useful phrases too.

I would also listen to everything italian you can find. RAI, italian songs, italian programs, podcasts, everything. Little kids learn by listening, even if they don't understand it all, and to pick up a new language you need to go back to basics just like a little kid.

Most importantly, practice, practice, practise and ENJOY! :D

We're here to help with any questions you might have.

In bocca al lupo! Good luck!

la tazzina xx
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Post by Massimo »

Ciao Matteo, and welcome to the forum. You've joined the right place to start improving your Italian! We're all here to help :D
As for actually starting learning Italian, a good point to start from could be the free elementary lesson you can download from my website. It might supply you with some good background from which you canthen move on. Hope it helps! :D
Good luck!

Want to learn or practice and improve your Italian? Visit : http://www.learnitalian.at.vu
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Post by Davide »

Hi Matteo, and welcome to the forum. If you're serious about learning Italian, it will pay to use some structured method. Just using a dictionary and 'hoping for the best' won't get you very far and you'll just end up being frustrated.
I would second Massimo's suggestion of taking a look at his website at the free lesson. I've been taking lessons with him for a few years now and would thoroughly recommend them

Good luck, or, as they say, 'in bocca al lupo' :D

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Post by Pietru »

If you can afford evening classes, it would be an excellent idea. You may find there are classes for current students.
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Post by Peter »

ciao Matt e benvenuto

I agree entirely with what Massimo and Davide have said. Also Pietru's suggestion is excellent - attending such classes helped me enormously. :)
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Re: Learning to speak italian.

Post by umberto »

Matteo wrote: I would like to use forums to practice writing skills, and my family to speak.
Ciao Matteo,

I think this is indeed the best way to learn. Let your family speak Italian with you and your writing skills will improve in consequence. Italian is extremely easy to write: every letter has 1 sound and only 1 (the exceptions are a few). For instance, you wrote “practice”, not “practise” as I used to know, so I’ve just learnt that this word has two equivalent writings. Well, words like this do not exist in Italian!!! Don’t fear, Italian writing is not going to take you by surprise!! Of course a good grammar book is necessary, in addition to the good advice you’ve already been given!!!

Benvenuto in questo forum anche da parte mia!!
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