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Post by TheZohan »

Hi everyone.
My name is Roded and I started to learn Italian a month ago with the Rosetta Stone program. I'm in level 2 now and know very basic Italian. Does it considered to be a good way of learning a new language or should I try another method? I also have CANALE 5 on tv so I watch it too sometimes..
I hope to improve my Italian here and speak it fluently.
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Post by Massimo »

Ciao Roded, welcome to Impariamo. I've heard different opinions on Rosetta Stone, but I guess if you find it good for yourself, then it must be good!
:D Watchin Italian TV is a good way to improve your Italian, so try to do that as often as you can, even if you're unable to understand everything you hear. Just get used to the sound!
And in any case, we're all here to help!

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Ciao Roded,

benvenuto!! I hope you will enjoy this forum!!! :D :D
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Benvenuto Roded!
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I find Rosetta Stone to be very useful. It teaches grammar in a way that most people would learn naturally, so it's one of a useful set of tools.
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Post by Peter »

ciao Roded e benevenuto. Sono sicuro che impererai molto qui. :)

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