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"I'd put Ciao as my subject but on the introductions forum it'd look to clique." *Looks at Introduction Forum Topics* "Oh, seems like I just insulted all the other new people, lol."


Names OverlordAblade (Pronounced eh, not ah),

Been trying to learn italian for awhile now... hasn't been going to well. Also I write alot and like to use italian words every once and awhile but never know the correct writing for more than one word at a time when putting it into my writings, which is why I decided to look for a forum that could help, and I found this one (Looks good so far).

Anyways probaly should tell you alittle about myself:
-My personality is greatly ranged. I range from shy to hyper, good to evil, etc. and its not a act. Been like that since I was born my personality flactuates like the wind.
-Always cynical and sarcastic, slightly demented and mad, with a touch of evil.
-My goal, as unlikely as it seems, is to learn every language known to mankind. So far learning: Japanese (I find quite easy) and Italian (I find quite hard).
-I like to write posts in a mock letter format.
-I know almost no Italian despite trying to learn it for 2 years now, so I apologize for not using any italtian in any of my posts (This will probaly be for awhile.)

So thats a quick rundown of me and why i'm here, so nice to meet you people and hope to see ya round. Also jk with the joke up top, I couldn't resist.
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