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Post by Mspiegel »

Il mio nome e Max, io sono studio Italino per il prima volta.

Io sono 19, e vivo a Chicago, Io andare a college centro.
Anche lavoro come barista a un piccolo caffe.
Mi piace storia, itinerante, e videogiochi.

Spero a andare a American University di Roma a studio archeologia.

Arrivedeci! :)
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Post by Massimo »

Ciao Max and welcome to this forum. You've definitely found the right place to improve your Italian. Any question, just ask :D

Want to learn or practice and improve your Italian? Visit :
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Re: Ciao!

Post by Peter »

ciao Max e benvenuto. I totally agree with what Massimo has said. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

I hope you don't mind bu I have made one or two corrections to what you wrote:
Mspiegel wrote:Il mio nome e Max, io sono studio Italino per laprima volta.

Io sono 19, e vivo a Chicago, Io vado al college centrale.
Anche lavoro come barista ad un piccolo caffe.
Mi piace storia, viaggiare, e videogiochi.

Spero di andare all'American University di Roma a studiare archeologia.

Arrivedeci! :)
Why viaggiare and not itinerante? Because viaggiare is the verb we use for travel, viaggi is the noun. Itinerante refers more to people who move from one place to another - I think the word is hobo! And when you want to say you like something like travel it is more common to use the verb - mi piace viaggiare, mi piace mangiare gelati, mi piace bere il vino rosso italiano etc.

Also with studio in your last sentence, you must use the infinitive studiare. I am not sure about the preposition before studiare - it may be da - even after all these years prepositions are still a bit of a minefield for me personally! :)

Anyway, keep it going and any questions simply fire away. However, if at all possible have a crack at something yourself before posing the question. That way you should learn a lot quicker. :)

Benvenuto ancora
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