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Mi chiamo Maria. Sono inglese, di Londra , ma abito a Scozia.

I'm just starting on the OU beginners Italian course, and am eager to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. Although the course hasn't officially started yet I've done the first unit and about to start the second. I want to get beyond the basics!

If anyone has any tips please let me have them. I'm writing appropriate grammar notes from as many books as I can, writing out definitions of the most common 1000 words, and listening to the news in Italian. Plus I have a couple of fairy tales in Italian, and have subscribed to Italian podcasts and a penpal site! I hate being a beginner!!!!!

Looking forward to meeting you all and improving my Italian,

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Post by calum »

Hi Maria and welcome to the forum.

If you like fairy tales, here's a great link: http://www.walter.bz/podcast/ . There are over twenty stories there, many with accomanying text so you can follow the spoken word.

The BBC website has a language section at http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/italian/tv/ . You should try the interactive drama programme 'La mappa misteriosa'. (You don't need a BBC ID to watch it but you will need one if you want to save your progress through the questions and answers. It's very simple to set up.)

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Ciao Maria,

you aren't going to be a beginner forever! Just give yourself time and patience, and your skills will improve. This forum is a good "helper"...

Welcome, benvenuta!!
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