Opera songs need translating

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Opera songs need translating

Post by Norm » Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:45 pm

Hello, All. I look forward to improving my Italian here.

I am a retired engineer studying Italian on my own and attempting to translate operatic arias that I like. The words present some difficulty because of librettist "poetic license" and composition age. Can someone check my translation of this stanza?

Note: I am looking for a literal translation so that I can follow the singer's words and think like an Italian, not one that conforms to acceptable English style.

Thanks in advance for your help.


È strano! È strano! It is strange! It is strange!
in core scolpiti ho quegli accenti! I have these words engraved in my heart!
Sarìa per me sventura un serio amore? Would a serious love be a misfortune for me?
Che risolvi, o turbata anima mia? What is your decision, oh troubled soul of mine?
Null'uomo ancora t'accendeva. No man has set you on fire before.
Oh gioia ch'io non conobbi, Oh joy I didn't know,
esser amata amando! being loved, loving!
E sdegnarla poss'io And could I reject it
per l'aride follie dei viver mio? out of the barren insanity of my living?

(1st stanza of Sempre libera, La Traviata)

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