il verbo "Mancare"

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il verbo "Mancare"

Post by ladybird » Tue Dec 26, 2006 10:32 pm

Ciao amici

Can anyone can give me some help with this?

How would I say "I miss her/him"?

I know that it comes from Mancare but I have not used this verb before.
I seem to remember reading that it has the same type of construction as Piacere.

I looked in the lessons section but I couldn't find anything, has anyone got a link I can use?

Life is for living and learning.

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Post by Paolo » Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:51 pm

I miss her/him = (lui/lei) mi manca

Yes, constructions involving the verb mancare are similar to those with piacere (e.g. I like him/her = mi piace)
Here are some more examples to make it clearer:

Mi manchi = I miss you
Mi manchi da morire = I miss you desperately (hehehe)
Ti manco? = do you miss me?
Mi mancano i miei amici cinesi = I miss my Chinese buddies

Anyway be careful, mancare has also several other meanings in different contexts. E.g. It can also mean "to be short of", "to lack", "to be lacking/wanting in", etc.
Mi mancano i soldi per comprarlo = I lack the money/I haven't enough money to buy it
Gli manca il tempo per fare le cose che gli piacciono = he's short of time to do the things he'd like to do

... and so on. Unfortunately I don't know whether there is a link to this issue or not. Hope this helps anyway :D

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Post by keithatengagedthinking » Fri Dec 29, 2006 5:00 am

I wrote a little blog posting about the use of the verb, mancare.

It can be tough to learn, and, like the previous poster said, it is like piacere.

Here's the link to my post -- feel free to copy, correct, add to it, as you see fit. And, as always, if I made a mistake, please let me know :)

http://italian-language-lessons.blogspo ... g-for.html

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Post by ladybird » Fri Dec 29, 2006 4:18 pm

Grazie per l'aiuto ragazzi.

I will try and learn this, a bit difficult but I'll get there in the end. :)
Life is for living and learning.

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Post by Roby » Sun Dec 31, 2006 11:18 am


Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali:
mancare (aver bisogno) v need

Additional Translations/Traduzioni aggiuntive:
mancare (a qualcuno) v be missed
mancare (di qualcosa) v lack
mancare (insufficiente) v come short
mancare (sbagliare, un appuntamento) v miss (fail)
mancare (insufficiente) v. in short supply

Compound Forms/Forme composte:
mancare a qualcuno be missed
mancare di be lacking
mancare di in want of
mancare di v lack in
mancare di fare v overlook (to omit doing)
mancare di rispetto v slight
mancare il bersaglio v overshoot (miss the target)
mancare il punto beg the question
venire a mancare run out

Piacere and Mancare have similar construction
Mi piace la polenta = I like polenta (Polenta is pleasing to me.)
A Mario piace il calcio = Mario likes soccer/football (Soccer/football is pleasing to Mario.)

A me piace la musica techno. A mio fratello no

La musica techno piace a me ma non a mio fratello

Italia mi manca = I miss Italia(Italia is missing to me.)
La ragazza ti manca = You miss the girl (The girl is missing to you.)

Italia mi manca " and " Mi manca Italia" . They are interchangeable.


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