A pronunciation question.

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A pronunciation question.

Post by Joaquin » Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:11 pm

Uno domanda, per cortesia...
é "équipe" pronunciato E-qui-pe o AY-qui-pe?



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Re: A pronunciation question.

Post by Quintus » Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:33 am

Joaquin wrote:Uno domanda, per cortesia...
é "équipe" pronunciato E-qui-pe o AY-qui-pe?


équipe is a French word that means squadra in Italian and team in English. It is pronounced with a closed "e" (i.e. é) both in French and Italian.

I'd suggest you try this:
(please right click to open the link in a new tab and then click the loudspeaker icon near the bottom right corner of the left frame)

<équipe pronounced in the French fashion>
<équipe pronounced in the Italian fashion>

In English, the word appears to be pronounced with an open "e" ((i.e. è)
<équipe pronounced in the English fashion>

In French, you can hear that even the last "e" is slightly pronounced, which is the correct French way, while in Italian it's completely omitted.

More examples about è, é by some Italian words.

<closed é words: e (and), che (that), se (if), perché (because), pésca (fishing), pepe (pepper)>

<open è words: è (is), cioè (that's), ecco (here's), eco (echo), pèsca (peach), ero (I was)>

<first é closed - second é closed: eccezione (exception), elezione (election), elemento (element, all three é)>

<first é closed - second è open: esempio (example), eccentrico (eccentric), emerito (emeritus)>

<first è open - second é closed: estero (abroad/foreign), ere (eras), erre (ar), mere (mere) [1]>

Posso assicurare che la pronuncia del sintetizzatore è buona, molto simile a quella degli esseri umani, anche se, ovviamente, non eccellente come quella di un gatto.


[1] In the last example, mere is the feminine plural of the adjective mero/mera (En.: mere), e.g.:
mera supposizione = mere supposition
mere supposizioni = mere suppositions
In fact, supposizione (supposition) is a feminine word in Italian

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