UK zip code

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UK zip code

Post by Twilight »

I'd like to know more about uk zip code, the correspondence between letters and zones, how you must write it on a mail and so on. Where can I find a complete description of it?

thank you :D

I am learning English every day, so could you help me by correcting (In private, if you want) anything I have written incorrectly.

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Re: UK zip code

Post by keithatengagedthinking »

Ciao Claudietto...

Ho visitato wikipedia, e ho trovato questo:

In fondo alla pagina ci sono altri link.
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Re: UK zip code

Post by leenico »

Twilight wrote:Hi,
I'd like to know more about uk zip code, the correspondence between letters and zones, how should you must write it on a mail letter and so on. Where can I find a complete description of it?

thank you :D
Ciao Claudietto! Scusami per la mia interruzione, ma ho visto questi sbagli e credevo che tu voglia sapere. :wink:
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UK postcodes

Post by kimberlini »

Hi - I am new to the site but as your question is about UK postcodes and I am English I feel more confident about posting a response.

The suggestion to look on wikipedia for a full description of the system is a great idea.

Postcodes start with one or two letters, relating to the name of the postal town or district, for example I live in the Halifax area, so my postcode starts HX (Huddersfield is HD, Manchester is M, Birmingham B, etc., etc.)

London is an exception, because it is so large and has so many addresses: there the postcodes relate to location of the area within the city, e.g. NW is North West, E is East, EC for East Central etc.

The rest of the postcode narrows the address down further. After this first letter or letters, the next part of the postcode is numeric (one or two digits). These show the particular area of the postal district (e.g. I live in HX4, a rural area to the south of Halifax).

In the UK people talk about postcode 'areas', by which they mean this first part of the postcode (HX4, LS6 etc). For example in London Camden is NW1 (sometimes when people are saying postcodes out loud they would say this as "North West 1"), Islington is N1, Westminster is SW1.

However, then there is a second part to the postcode(one digit followed by two letters) which specifies the actual address. In this part, the number relates to a particular set of streets, and the final two letters narrow the address down to the particular street (or section of the street if it is particularly long).

When addressing a letter, the postcode would go at the end of the address, e.g
Mr. B. Happy
36 Anywhere Street

I think that 'England' (or Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) would go after the postcode, but I don't think it makes much difference?
Postcodes are always written in capital letters (upper case) because they are read by computer when first sorted.

Sorry, this is probably fairly garbled and difficult to understand... :?
I do apologise.

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