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Dear All,
Last week I sent a post asking for help for some Italian words to be translated into English for a curriculm. Roby kindly answered me and also Charles Costante added his opinion. Unfortunately I didn't print your answer because I was waiting for the girl who was interested in the curriculum to come so that I could show her the page. This morning I opened the forum and the replies seem to.......HAVE DISAPPEARED!
I don't know why or how it happended. Now I can't but repeat my request , hoping you are as kind as then and you'll h :oops: elp me again:

- Collaborazione occasionale
- diritto del lavoro
- merceologia
- economia aziendale
- organizzazione aziendale
- licenza media
- contratto a tempo indeterminato
. contratto a tempo determinato
- prima nota
- apprendista
Sorry to bother you again!
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Ciao Abigail

I'm sure someone will come along and help you out again!

I have had the same problem, if you take a look at the thread "disappearing posts" in "Quattro chiacciere" you will see what happened.

Good luck
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- Collaborazione occasionale---CONSIGNMENT WORK/CONSULTANT WORK
- diritto del lavoro ---RIGHT TO WORK LAW
- merceologia ---STUDY OF COMMODITIES
- economia aziendale ---BUSINESS ECONOMICS
- organizzazione aziendale --BUSINESS ORGANIZATION
- contratto a tempo indeterminato --- OPEN-ENDED CONTRACT
. contratto a tempo determinato ---FIXED-TERM CONTRACT
- prima nota--- LEGAL DOCUMENT/ I am not sure of this one.
- apprendista--APPRENTICE

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Thank again, Roby. This time I'll print it right away!

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