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In my very broken italian:

Sono un argentino che dimora in Florida, USA. Ho molto interesse a imparare l'italiano, me piace molto. Ma sono come un bambino che tuttavia non sa caminare...

Don't laugh... :) just figured I would let loose a few words so you would know how much I still need to work on this.

My real name is Santiago, I am a teacher and I coach Soccer (calcio). I am married we have a young daughter. I am Catholic and I enjoy reading, sports, movies, did I mention reading?
I speak Portuguese and Spanish (of course), and they are helpful in learning italian, but only up to a certain point. I look forward to learning here and meeting lots of people.

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!
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Ciao e benvenuto Santiago

Glad to meet you. I have been with the forum since September and I'm really enjoying my time here.

My knowledge of la bella lingua isn't great but everyone is really patient and I always get an answer to my questions..and believe you me, I do ask a LOT of questions!

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo a te e la tua famiglia :)
Life is for living and learning.
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tante grazie

Post by dcnsanti »

come gia disse, il mio italiano è molto povero. So, I will be asking lots of questions as well.
Great to meet you too and you have a wonderful New Year and a great Christmast season!

By the way, I love London!
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Post by Massimo »

Hola Santiago y bienvenido al forum!
We're very good friends here, siamo davvero buoni amici, so don't worry about asking questions, we're here to help and to be helped. :D

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Benvenuto Santiago

As Ladybird has said we are a pretty good crowd always willing to help each other, and there are some really nice native Italian speakers (NIS). We all will be only too happy to help you, even if you feel you are asking the silliest question ever! After all, we non-Italians were beginners too.

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