Lontano dagli occhi, lontano dal cuore.

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Lontano dagli occhi, lontano dal cuore.

Post by elisabetta » Fri Jun 15, 2007 9:04 am

Quick question. I've seen this proverb mostly written this way, but have also seen it written 'lontani dagli occhi, lontani dal cuore'.

Which is correct? What is the reason for these differences?

Thank you.


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Post by Carlo » Fri Jun 15, 2007 9:46 am

Well, the usual form is with "lontano":

lontàno da prep. (distanza) far from;...abitiamo non lontàno da dal centro, we live not far from the centre... // lontàno da dagli occhi, lontàno da dal cuore, (prov.) out of sight, out of mind.
(Garzanti online)

"Lontano" can be used both as an adjective (requiring agreement) and as an adverb(invariable). I see it as an adverb (or maybe, combined with "da", as a preposition) in the saying, so I would still use "lontano" even if I were referring to more people.
If some change it to "lontani" when referring to more people it's because they see it as an adjective but I don't agree with that.

As you can see from the example in the dictionary, although "abitiamo" is plural "lontano" doesn't change.

PS Welcome to Impariamo! :D

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