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Im doing an online course to learn italian and am having a few problems
Translation of "do you want" I thought was "Lei Voule" but the course says its "Desidera" which one is correct?
I had learned for phrases like Do you need "Lei Bisogno" or do you have "Lei Ha" so i thought do you want would be the same

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"what[1] do you want?[2]"
Si traduce come:
"cosa [1] (tu) vuoi?" (il "tu" è sotto inteso)
"cosa [1] (lei) vuole?" (il "lei" è sotto inteso)
Ma in un negozio, o in un bar, ti chiederanno "desidera?"...dipende dal contesto
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Hi - both 'cosa vuole' and 'cosa desidera' are correct.

You're more likely to hear 'cosa desidera' when, for example, a waiter is asking what you'd like to order. I always think the verb 'desiderare' sounds a bit formal.

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