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Hi everyone,

great site !

My boyfriend is trying to teach me Italian and we've hit a problem !!

Why can I say...

Sono andata a fare la spesa.

Why can't I say...

Ho andata a fare la spesa.

and yet I can say...

Ho fatto la spesa.

Because I can say...

Ho acceso la luce.

But I can't say...

Ho andata a fare la spesa.

It's the use of the word essere and avere that confuses me !

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Always confusing!
It has to do with those pesky "verbs of movement".
Whenever you are physically "moving" you need to use "essere" as an auxiliary verb.
If your NOT moving, then you use "avere".
This is NOT a complete explanation, but it's a reasonable start.

This will just take practice, practice and practice.
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Thanks, it's a help !

My boyfriend just said this to correct me.

I said...

sono fame.

He said...

Ho fame...

But you can say

Sono affamata !

Any other help would be great but I am getting there.

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