Cappuccino By-Laws

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Cappuccino By-Laws

Post by stefano2 » Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:38 pm


These are the rules for buying a cappuccino according to Matt Frei in his book on the Italian Political System . Do Italians still stick by these rules?

Rule 1 Never have a cappuccino after eleven o'clock , It is attended as a morning meal with a cornetto! If you do order after eleven give the person behind the bar a reason i.e Working early in not say your hungover this is very un-Italian....

Rule 2 Never order a a cappuccino after lunch! How can you pour all that hot milk on a stomach filled with pasta,meat & cheese. They will know you don't live in Italy. The price may go up as a result. If you offered a cappuccino at any time in broken English leave as its a tourist cafe and neither cheap or good!

Rule3 Never have your cappuccino sitting down unless you want to pay a lot to sit outside

Rule 4 Always know what type cappuccino or espresso i.e bollente or coretto!

Rule 5 Always take your receipt and carry it 80 yards ITS Just the Law

If I have to remember this lot just to drink coffee maybe Italy not the paradise for me!
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Post by Roby » Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:39 pm

Good post Stefano! I was told drinking a cappuccino after 10 am was a no no... I put your post in the Travel information in Italia thread in the Miscellaneous section of the Free Lessons section.
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Re: Cappuccino By-Laws

Post by Ember » Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:11 pm

Rules are ok but remember that everybody should follow his pleasure during the cappuccino experience... :D actually I always have my cappuccino whenever I want (well of course only in the morning... in the afternoon or evening, cappuccino is... yeuch! Things for German and Englishmen :P ), and sitting at the table! Living in a small town, nobody is going to ask me to pay more just because my bottom is on a chair :D
If it's early in the morning, I usually order also a croissant.

And, cappuccino is only one! Corretto, espresso, etc are types of coffee.
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