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Post by Roby » Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:38 pm

I was sent a pm by a new member asking about my avatar . She was interested in seeing the original painting.

My avatar is the Il Bacio by Francesco Hayez

Here is information on the painting.

Welcome to the forum Veronica . Yes, my avatar is a painting. It is called Il Bacio by Francesco Hayez. You can find the painting hanging in the Brera Museum in Milan, Italy ... 56943_.htm ... useums.asp

Veronica wrote me again saying she would like to see the Last Supper painting which is in Santa Maria delle Grazia Church in Milan, Italy.

If you plan to see the Last Supper painting in Milan you need to make a reservation. It is in the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church.

Last Supper Site.--Reservations are highly recommended ... tes_a.html
The museum's call center (tel. 02-8942-1146; from the US dial 011-39-02-8942-1146). The booking office is open Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00, Sat 9:00-14:00, and closed Sun. Dial 2 for an English-speaking operator. Last Supper reservations are also included in Milan bus tours offered by Autostradale (, tel. 02-3391-0794) and Zani Viaggi (, tel. 02-867-131). ... supper.htm

Address: Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie 2, off Corso Magenta, Sant'Ambrogio, Milan, Italy
Metro: Cadorna
Phone: 02/89421146
Hours: Tues.-Sun. 8-7:30, last entry 6:45
Cost: Church is free; Painting is EUR6.50 plus EUR1.50 reservation fee
Tip: Be sure to take the time to book ahead to the see The Last Supper; you may not be able to get a ticket otherwise and it is well worth it. Only a small group are allowed to see the painting every fifteen minutes, allowing you to enjoy the masterpiece in peace. Contact the reservations office, your travel agent, or your hotel several days ahead for weekday visits and several weeks in advance for a weekend visit.

The cost may have increased since this information was printed. ... &city_id=9

Regarding The Brera Museum ... &city_id=9

Milan Museums

Here are some other helpful links for your trip to Italy.

If any of our members have any other information on Milan to share, please post it here. Thanks.
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Post by brindge » Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:52 pm

Hi all - the last time I was in Milan I actually had a hard time getting a reservation for the Last Supper. It seemed like all the tour companies had booked up the slots. So, I decided to look for a quick tour of Milan that included the Last Supper. I found a great little tour that was only 1/2 day and included the Duomo, La Scala, La Galleria, and the Last Supper. It was only 55 Euros and we got bus transportation to all these places plus a bit of history as well. I booked it from my hotel and they actually came and picked us up. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the tour company, but it might be the same one that Roby mentioned. It's main stop was in front of the Duomo. They seemed to be doing walk ins there. But, if you are staying at a hotel, ask the concierge before your trip to book you on this half day tour which includes the Last Supper. I can highly recommend this tour.

And as for the Brera Museum - I got a headset when I went and it explained many of the works of art in the museum.

Have fun!!

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Post by Roby » Fri Apr 24, 2009 3:45 pm

Here are some other sights to see in Milan

I have been to Milan countless times.

I enjoy visiting the Duomo, The Castello Sforzesco,Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Porta Venezia Gardens and many other places.

There are several nice places to eat .... ... urants.asp

Often when I am in Milan, I go to little out of the way non touristy places such as little pizzerias, cafes, or buying things from the mercato to have a picnic lunch and sit in the park. I love the park inside the Sforzesco Castle.

I love walking through the park and watching the people. Often there events going on inside the Sforzesco Castle.

Traveling around Milan is quite simple. Using the metro is the best way to get to the sights.
Metro tickets are 1 Euro and last 75 minutes It can be used on as many buses and trams as you like, but only one metro trip in the 75 minutes. There are 24/48 hours tickets which cost 3 Euros and 3.50 Euros Tickets can be bought at the news kiosks, bars, and at the Central Station.. Milano Centrale FS
Stamp your ticket in the machine provided the first time you use it (machines are onboard buses and trams, and at the entrance gates to the Metro).

There 3 lines: Red, Green, Yellow. They are marked by color and number.

The M1-Red line. It serves the tourist attractions and the Fiera

The M2-Green line
The M3- Yellow Line It intersects the M1 at the Duomo and the M2 at the Train Station (Milano Centrale) Centrale FS

Read the link above for the areas each line serves.

Buses and Trams : The signs at the stops tell you which numbers go where and which ones stop at each stop.

Train Station: ... 16f90aRCRD

If you must take a train. You need to know the following:

1. The final destination of your train.
2. The number of your train
3. The time of departure
4. The track where your train is to depart. Also known as a binario

It is important to know these things as your stop may not be the trains final destination.

There are electronic boards in the station listing the trains by time and number. Always read these boards. They will tell you what track the train will be on, whether the train is late, etc.

There are several types of trains. Also, you must know how to read your ticket.


Here is a list of the types of trains to help you read the train guides and train schedule website.

Taken from :

ES-EUROSTAR:The Eurostar trains (ES*) are designed for travellers seeking high standards of comfort and speed. Connections and timetables serve Italy's main cities, allowing swift and direct access to the city centres.

The fleet is made up of modern and stylish trains, with air-conditioned carriages.

The trains ETR 460, 480 and 500 have seats and bathroom facilities for disabled customers.

On the trains no smoking is allowed.

CIS- CISALPINO--- same as Eurostar


These trains take a bit long than the Eurostar or CIS trains, but cost less. It depends on the time that you have. Many of the cities outside the major cities use one of these trains...there is no other quicker way.

R-REGIONAL :The regional transport trains generally circulate within a single region, stopping at almost every station en route, connecting them with the larger towns. They usually provide only 2nd class seats. No smoking rules apply on board.

IR- INTERCITY-REGIONAL: The inter-regional trains move beyond regional boundaries to more distant locations, often tourist ones; they can also therefore circulate at weekends only, or during certain periods of the year. Among the combined local-transport services, the Inter-regional trains are the fastest ones with the fewest number of stops.

D- DIRECT: The direct trains can circulate both within the regions and their bordering regions; they travel at faster speeds than the local trains and stop at fewer stations.

IC: INTERCITY: Designed to offer the best combination of quality and value, Intercity trains travel throughout the Italian territory, covering the entire primary railway system and connecting cities beyond just the regional capitals while bringing a highly efficient exchange service to local trains.
All IC trains offer air conditioning, a sound system for communicating important information to passengers, Bar Bistro or Minibar service, on board cleaning service, and designated areas for disabled passengers.
No fewer than168 Intercity trains reach 240 stations every day. Since 2004-with the introduction of Intercity Plus trains-service has only been getting better.
Intercity train cars, either open or with compartments, and both first and second class, offer air conditioning, a public address sound system for important information, on board cleaning service, and, on most trains, Bar Bistrot or Minibar service

90 trains-53% of the total of 168 Intercity trains-carry the designation of IC Plus, with completely renovated interiors.
In addition to the standard services on board IC trains, Intercity Plus trains also offer a number of advantages to create a modern, bright environment:

Seats in new colours and fabrics, more comfortable than ever;
A more functional lighting system, with new ceiling lights and courtesy lights;
Trash bins are larger, and include separate receptacles for recycling (in first class);
Separate bathrooms for men and women;
First class seats are equipped with electrical outlets for laptops and cell phones, with better designed tables for working and reading.

IC Plus cars are equipped with new, high quality carpeting in first class, soft rubber in second class, and new, high strength mats in the passageways and new wall and ceiling treatments.

Additionally, IC Plus trains are kept particularly clean.


T-BIZ :T-Biz is Trenitalia's new business class for travellers who require the very best facilities.
Those who travel for business know how important it is to travel between Milan and Rome: T-Biz connects the centre of the two cities in just 4 hours 5 minutes, with only one stop at Bologna. T-Biz provides timetables, journey times, on board services and assistance which have been studied to meet the needs of exacting travellers, which can choose between two service classes.


Trenitalia's quality proposition for travelling from Italy to the rest of Europe in utmost comfort
Trenitalia's international proposals for 2005 have been improved and made even more accessible to respond even better to customers' requirements, with more comfortable trains, shorter journey times, new destinations and more services

EC- EUROCITY AND EN-EURONIGHT :At international level, the Eurocity network provides 14 pairs of trains connecting Italy with Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and Belgium. Short travelling times, excellent comfort and quality services are emblematic of day or night travel in Europe.

Reading your ticket: I posted these several years ago at another site.

Train travel in Italy: Helpful tips (When you buy train tickets they must be time stamped- BE SURE TO VALIDATE THEM)

I would like to recommend to all train travelers in Italy to always check whether or not a strike is planned before making plans to travel on the trains or the metro. Strikes are very common in Italy. You can find out this information by going to, talking to the locals or going to the station a few days in advance if possible to find out any information. Also, buy your tickets in Italy to avoid any possible strikes.

Italian train tickets can be used on any train within a 6 hour period after validation. Remember to validate your tickets before boarding the train. There is also an expiration date on the ticket of some months, therefore, I believe the ticket can be used up until that date (of course, if you have not validated it yet.) Always ask questions at the ticket window.

I recommend buying train tickets as you go. I always purchase point to point tickets at the station. I buy 2nd class. (2nd class is very comfortable). I have used the ticket machines before as well. It is much cheaper than a railpass (ticket machine instructions were available in English as well as other languages)

I write down my train schedule for my planned trip before arriving at the station. I often check the schedules that are posted at the station before going to the window (double checking my plan to be sure it all works.)

** Every station has several schedules for the trains posted around the station-- Departure- Partenza (they are in yellow) Arrivals-Arrivi (white). If you have a train to a city outside of Florence, check the schedule boards Ex. Your time is 8:34am for Florence; Look on the PARTENZA schedule at the 8:34 listings. Most times are in red or green to the left; It will say Firenze in bold letters; then below it will list all the cities where the train stops and the time it is to stop there . Check all 8:34 am times because often Firenze or your destination may not be the final destination of a train. You must match the time on your ticket to the times listed for the given city.

Also go to and enter your information. Then you can also see the stops that your particular train will make during your travel. Print this out and then when you get to the station check the schedule boards. The boards will give you: the final destination of the train under which you will find the other stops it will make before arriving to the final destination; the times of all the stops at the other cities and the binario that you will need to go to to board the train. ** NOTE ** ALWAYS CHECK THE BIG SCHEDULE BOARD THAT YOU WILL FIND AT THE FRONT OF THE STATION UP ON THE WALL AS THE BINARIOS TEND TO CHANGE FROM THOSE POSTED.
The schedules are printed for certain period and are subject to change so be sure to check the big schedule board.

At the ticket window, I ask for a "Andata e ritorno"(roundtrip ticket), especially if I know when I am returning. Often I take the CIS (Cisalpino...Pendolino) going to my destination. It cost a little bit more than an intercity train, but it make often only 1 or 2 stops). For example, Domodossola to Milano Centrale costs 9.19 E. Then if I must change in Milano Centrale then I have another ticket for that train. For example, Milano Centrale to Bergamo costs 3.75 E. However, always compare the prices and the time it takes. If you do not mind the long train rides then go the intercity route.

Specify the class ticket that you want, 1st, 2nd, etc. I travel 2nd class as it is much cheaper and if you want food on the trains, you can go to the dining car in first class and buy something and bring it back to your seat. Often there are beverage carts that are brought through the cars of all classes.

Be sure to read your ticket for your seat assignment the train car (for the CIS). This information is located at the bottom of your ticket. (There is a symbol of a train and a number; this is the car that you are to sit in. Near the symbol you will see a seat number 92f; this is your seat number. ( If you bought your ticket in advance above the window there will be a little card stating, for example, "From:Domodossola To Milan Centrale" and the hour. This means that this seat is reserved for someone for that hour to this destination. If you buy your ticket the day of departure, your assigned seat will have a Not Reserved above the window.) Always double check with the train porters for your seat assignments on the CIS if you are not sure.

If you do not want to sit in a smoking car, please be sure to tell the ticket window clerk "Non Fumatore" (On the train the cars also have the smoking and non smoking symbols. Be sure that you board a non smoking car). Don't be afraid to ask questions, everyone is usually very friendly and helpful.

On the Intercity trains there are not seat assignments or car assignments. You will also find the smoking and non smoking symbols on the cars. Be sure to check.

All the trains have numbers on the cars 1, 2, 3, these are the class of the car. So, if you are in 2nd class, car 5, non smoking, you find the 2nd class car number 5, non smoking. There will be a number 2 is a circle usually blue or green, then a little train symbol and a number 5, and the international non smoking sign. This will be your car. Then you proceed to locate your seat. Above most of the windows you will also see a number 2 is a blue or green circle; this specifies the class of the car.

Train travel is great. No traffic to deal with,and you can relax; enjoy the scenery, read, etc. Also, be sure and get your ticket validated at the platform from which the train is leaving. For example, if your train to Milan is leaving from platform 8 ("binario 8") use the bright yellow validation box at 8 - not 9, 10, etc. The conductor may or may not check for the stamp, but you had better take the time to do it.

Validating Tickets

I would highly recommend that you validate all your tickets. There are train porters on all the trains and tickets are always checked. You could be fined if you haven't validated your ticket. Another point to mention is be sure your ticket is for the train you are on and that the train is going to your destination. On a recent trip, the girl sitting next to me had to pay 5.75 E for being on the wrong train with the wrong ticket. So please validate all train tickets and be sure your ticket is valid on the train you are on.

Check the schedules on the boards that are at all stations. Check the time, train, and destination of your travel before purchasing your ticket. The binario/track on which the train will depart from is also listed on the schedule. Check the electonic boards as well as the track may change.

The validating machines are at the front of the tracks They are yellow. On the metro, the validating machines are at the entrance to the track, you'll validate your ticket before you go through the turnstyle . On the buses, the ticket validating machines are found at the entrance to the bus and at the back of the bus. So be sure to validate your tickets.

***The train conductors/porters do check the tickets and punch them so they cannot be used again. Please validate your ticket to avoid a fine.

Useful information from the Train Station ... ation.html
"Per raro che sia, il vero amore e' meno raro della vera amicizia."

"As rare as true love is, it is not as rare as true friendship."
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Post by isablu » Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:42 pm

Qualche mese fa ho potuto vedere dal vivo "il bacio" perchè è stato portato a Roma per una mostra alle scuderie del Quirinale. Che emozione! Una delle mostre più belle che abbia mai visto, se può interessare per rimpiangerla un po' (visto che ormai è finita)

Anche il famoso quarto stato mi ha molto colpito anche per le sue dimensioni, una visione senza tempo.....

a presto

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