Help with the imperfect subjunctive

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Help with the imperfect subjunctive

Post by yjom324 »

Hi everyone,

I've been learning Italian for two weeks now, and would be grateful if someone could confirm that I've correctly translated the following sentence into Italian:

I would have done it if I had had the time - Lo avrei fatto se avessi avuto il tempo

I've utilised the imperfect subjunctive, which I hope is correct.

Many thanks in advance.

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Post by brindge »

It looks good to me :)))

Great job!! You can already speak like this after just 2 weeks? I'm totally impressed!

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Post by polideuce »

Al momento i neuroni sono poco collaborativi, ma penso che la frase manchi di un "ne";

"lo avrei fatto se ne avessi avuto il tempo"... attendi un altro parere perchè stamane non sono molto in forma ;)
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Post by yjom324 »

Thanks for the above replies! I've spent those two weeks focusing exclusively on the grammar, so my vocabulary is extremely limited. I'm really enjoying learning Italian, and it's great to be able to use sites like this when one comes unstuck. Thanks again!
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Post by Carlo »

Just a minor point, yiom. What you used (correctly, by the way) is not the imperfect subjunctive (avessi) but the pluperfect (or past perfect) subjunctive (avessi fatto).
The former is used in condtional sentences where you're hypothesizing about the present or the future:

Se avessi più tempo libero andrei in palestra

The latter is used when hypothesizing about the past:

Se fossi venuto alla festa ti saresti divertito molto

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