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Post by JoAnn »

Mi chiamo JoAnn and I am a very very new beginner to learning Italian.
My native language is English, though you may question it depending on how bad my typing is at any given time. Ha ha
I am interested in learning and one day becoming fluent in Italian.
I hope I can meet some people here that will be patient and willing to help me. I must warn that I am VERY new to learning Italian and so far, I have only had experience with using a language software called Rosetta Stone....if anyone is familiar with that.

Well, I look forward to speaking with you all!

-JoAnn :D
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Post by -Luca- »

Ciao e benvenuto/a! :P

E' un piacere averti qui!

I've never tried the software "Rosetta stone", but i searched on the web, and i realized it should be a good way to learn languages..

Why don't you try to write something in italian?
Italians don't know what Caesar salad is !!
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Post by Peter »

ciao JoAnn e benvenuta alla Bacheca. È bello averti tra noi. :D

You will find us a very friendly group of people who will be only too happy to help you with your Italian. :)
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Post by coffeecup »


good on ya for choosing Italian... It's such a bella lingua! I just love it!

Also, I couldn't agree with Peter more... the people on this forum are such a big help, and really lovely. You've chosen a great starting place.
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Post by Yana »

Ciao JoAnn,

I'm Yana. Nice to meet you.

I agree with coffeecup. I'm also new to this forum but I like it here :)
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Post by Cresasso »

Surround yourself with Italian speakers.

Just as a frame of reference (don't answer, it's only a frame of reference), how old are you? Are you still in school?

If you're young enough, take a semester abroad and if you can do so, when you go, consider yourself allergic to English speakers. Try to befriend those who speak both. Keep a running list of all the most common expressions that you use in your pocket, and add to it by asking Italians. It takes about 3 months when you start from scratch. You lose it fast though if you don't use it.

Otherwise are there clubs, Italian appreciation societies where you can get together during the weekends, talk about Italian culture over a glass of wine and a slice of cheese?

Try community college classes, those aren't ruinously expensive.
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Post by Roby »

Welcome JoAnn We are happy to have you with us. We are a friendly bunch. We will be happy to help you. Do not be afraid of making any mistakes, it is ok. This is how we learn. Take a look at the Free lessons section to get some helpful tips as well as the Vocabulary and grammar section. Take care
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