Free Italian programs to download?

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Free Italian programs to download?

Post by Exotica »

Anyone know? I could use all the help i can get!

I have a book called:

In giro per I'Italia ... It cost 100 bucks, but i would like a program in which i can hear how to say the word/words properly

Grazie! hehe
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Post by Exotica »

I already have this one:

i was looking for a more advanced version, if not.. I'll just buy one. It's very important to me for me to get A+ in that class.

Ci vediamo
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Post by Angel »

Ciao Chrissy e benvenuta.

Purtroppo non ho trovato un vocabolario italiano "online" dove sia possibile ascoltare le parole.

Ho qualche collegamenti ma attenzione: non ho provato mai nessuno!!! ... table.html

A presto,


PS: let me know if you need a translation of this message.
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Post by giro »

There are a number of online resources. I no longer bother checking them out because the ones I have seen have all been very disappointing.
I have not seen your book.
Is this the one? ... ce&s=books
It has an audio cd for reading comprehension ... ce&s=books
starting at $9.
If the bookstore will take your book back, you can get one from Amazon for less than $50, but used books sometimes take a while to arrive, if you are thinking of doing this you should contact the seller directly first.
I have not seen this book or cd, but the usual flaws that almost all these materials have are that they either start at too advanced a level or they ramp up too quickly. To fill the gap, as long as you already have a course that includes a book, you cannot beat Pimmsleur. You can get the first 30 lessons for $76 after trade-in or all 90 lessons for $198 after buy-back. ... ourses.htm

Just a couple of years ago the complete course was available retail only for over a thousand dollars.
Many shorter versions, with 4 or 6 or 8 etc disks are sold with advertising that implies that they are also complete, just streamlined. This is absolutely not true. The four-disk versions have the first four disks of the complete course, the six-disk version the first six, etc
Pimsleur courses have almost no book; just a few very short lists of words. The implication is that you don’t need a book, or grammar rules or explanations. I do not believe you could even get through the series let alone make any sense out of it without also using a normal text.
The most underappreciated Italian text in existence is Vittoria Bowles’ Teach Yourself Beginner’s Italian Grammar ... ce&s=books
for $9. Or $1.50 used.
Notice that I don’t mean this. ... ce&s=books

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