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Post by abbibaker »

Mi chiamo Abbi! I am going on a trip to europe this summer, primarily to italy. I'm taking italian at my university but i have found that the course is too slow paced and i am not learning enough to satisfy my needs for the trip. I know a decent amount of french and it has helped me thusfar in learning italian (everyone says they're very different but i find that i am able to make a lot of connections that help). I am hoping to at least learn enough to at least be able to converse in italian with the people i will be staying with (they know barely any english). Ciao!
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Post by -Luca- »

Actually French and Italian are similar...Spanish as well. (They all come from Latin)

So, if you already speak a good French, you will be able to learn Italian easier.
If a French spoke slowly, I ( I am Italian) would understand at least 50 % of the dialogue's meaning.

So, don't get discouraged and keep on training yout Italian : this forum will be willing to help you:)

Italians don't know what Caesar salad is !!
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Post by umberto »

To speak French is surely going to help you, nevertheless, as everybody’s already told you, Italian and French aren’t so similar as Spanish and Italian are. Probably an Italian who doesn’t speak French can understand it by reading it, but, believe me, Italian phonetics is quite different from the French one. In my opinion Italian is easier than French; I agree with Luca: if you already speak French, to learn Italian won’t be so hard…
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Post by Peter »

Ciao Abbi e benvenuta. I wish you well in your studies and hope you have a super trip. Certainly, your knowledge of French will help you absorb Italian pretty well. :)

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