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Post by mondfeuer »


i always go on holiday in italy. so i want to learn italian, but i only know this words:

e merda

im 17 years old and i love this language. please learn it with me! please!
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Post by Peter »

hallo to you too, mondfeuer. :D

Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself - your name (it's always nice to address someone by their name), where you're from? Also, how you plan to learn Italian. Obviously, there is a lot of information on this forum, but you will need to explore other avenues, other resources. :)
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Post by mondfeuer »

i dont like to say my name, but you can call me "mondy" :D
im from Bavaria (in germany) and speak german, bavarian, english and spanish.(but not very well) and i also want to learn italiano.

Since i was born every year i have been in italy on my holidays. i visited Roma, l'Aquila (the town with the earthquake), Abruzzi, Pescara, Padre Pio, Bologna,

i love to lie on the beach and i like the italian culture.

to be honest - i love this informations of the forum, but its a bit too much for the first time for me. so i need some weeks to understand the system of a forum (its normal for me. much information and options make me crazy)

i learned spanish in school for 2 years and i practiced it every day at home on the internet.
this year in italy i understood the people very well because spanish is a bit like italiano.

i love italiano, i want to learn it.
first i want to learn how to build the verbs.

for example:

to go ->
i go
you go
he/she/it goes
we go

and then i need to understand how are simple sentences builded.

do you know some good topics for me?
i would be really grateful!
but im also grateful if you can teach me directly. all is nice for me =)

if you want you can correct my english :D
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Post by umberto »

Ciao Mondy,

come va? You have learnt the most important word, merda, but now that Berlusconi was badly fired, I don't think you're going to need it!

Anyway, welcome!!

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