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Mi chiamo Janette.

I am currently in my first year of Italian in college and since I am struggling I decided that joining this group would be good for me. My difficulty with learning Italian isn't the language as much as how they are teaching it, immersion doesn't work for me. I have two years of Attic Greek and Latin (very grammar oriented) under my belt and find myself at a loss when it comes to Italian because my teachers are not explaining the syntax. Thus, I am hoping to gain some valuable help with this form in grammar and much more.

Piacere di conoscerti tutti!
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Re: Ciao!

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Benvenuta, Janette, piacere conoscerti.

I never had the opportunity to go for immersion - to me, that would have entailed living in Italy and, given my personal circumstances, that was never a starter. I was lucky in that my first teacher at evening class was of the old school. We had grammar absolutely drilled into us, learning by rote. After she retired, I joined another class, where the teaching was more modern. I did't really like the books we used, but the teacher more than made up for that, explaining and expanding on what the books had to say. When she left to do a Ph.D, her replacement was a total nightmare, which just goes to show that how well a subject is learnt is very much reliant on how good the teachers are. I hope things improve for you.

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