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I am studying Italian, and while doing some exercises in Rosetta Stone, I came across this dialogue:

"Mi dovrei mettere il vestito nero o quello grigio?"

"Dovresti mettere il vestito grigio."

Rosetta Stone is OK for learning new vocabulary, but sometimes I wish they would actually explain the grammar rules that are going on. In this example, is there a reason or grammar rule for why the question is asked in the reflexive form while the answer is stated in the non reflexive form? Or are they just doing this to show that either form (reflexive/non reflexive) is OK?
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Re: Mettere/Mettersi

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I’m not a grammarian, so I can’t say for certain if there is a rule.
I can only say that either form is correct.
However, I don’t like “Mi dovrei mettere”. Personally, I prefer “Dovrei mettermi”.
You could also say: “Dovresti metterti il vestito grigio”.


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