Which one is the most beautiful place in Italy

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Post by Peter »

I have never been to Turin, and have only had a day in Milan. So, of the three cities it would have to be Rome. Saying that, though, for us the most beautiful place will always be Ravello, sitting high above the costiera amalfitana. :)
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Post by Lisetta »

Well, if I have to choose between Milan, Turin and Rome, I would say Rome...but my favourite italian cities are all in Tuscany (that's the region where I live). Of course Firenze, but also Arezzo, Siena and Cortona...
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Post by gluca »

Every place may be beautiful if you observe it with eyes of soul.... :-)

And Genoa, my own town, know well how to touch the soul chords

Follow some references :

Ogni posto può essere stupendo se sai osservarlo con gli occhi dell'anima ...

E Genova, la mia città , sa bene come toccare le corde dell'anima ..

Segue qualche riferimento :

What NY Times says :
http://travel.nytimes.com/2010/05/30/tr ... hours.html

A poetic view of the elevator that in a copule of minutes
join the historical center with the belvedere of Castelletto

A musical view ..

Just a taste .... :-)

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Post by Pescatore »

Lago di Garda per me :D
sorrento lingue
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Post by sorrento lingue »

E' impossibilie rispondere. Venezia? Anche la Sicilia mi viene in mente e la stessa Sorrento.

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Post by umberto »

If I had to move from Florence, I would definitely choose a place in Liguria… :D :D
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Post by Chris Corbyn »

Di luoghi bellissimi ce ne sono troppi da dire. Ogni posto è diverso. Per me, credo che Il Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso (a Cogne, Val d'Aosta) sia il più bello dal punto di vista del panorama. Le Cinque Terre, Portofino e la costiera amalfitana sono bei per le stesse ragioni.

Di città incantevoli, sono d'accordo con Lisetta, quelle toscane (Siena, Firenze, Lucca) hanno un'atmosfera diversa (calorosa, elegante) che è difficile da spiegare, però la città d'Aosta mi ha pur colpito perché sia piuttosto francese sia italiano e si vede nel cibo della regione.
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Post by Cresasso »

To me, the most beautiful place in all of Italy is the north Center of Italy. It is the area southwest of Siena. Many places there, but the Valdichiana, Val D'orcia, nearby Umbria and Marche.

It is a very pristine area that is little settled, closed to building by national park rules (so no speculation of real estate like Northern Italy), but still highly cultural, lots of stuff to see, many local foods, wines etc. Think Montepulciano, Badia Tedalda, Pienza, Montichiello, Monterchi, San Leo, Pennabilli, Urbino, Assisi, Sansepolcro.

It's a hidden, sacred corner of Italy that represents a large slice of my childhood and love life as adolescent. But as an adult, I learned it was better than I ever remembered it. And my wife thought it was just as wonderful the many times we went. Spellbinding.

We brough another couple with us there: her recommendation (she is an Italian speaking American) was that we don't tell them how wonderful that area is, and let them discover for themselves. They were floored, much to my pleasure! And since they live locally, we occasionally have the same wine we enjoyed in that area (because I have it in my collection) with similar food/cheese. Awesome. Money spent for consumption is always wasted because you get bored of your Maserati or Ming vase after a while. But money spent for good experiences.... this is why I still want to live after several many decades on this world.

Now we have lots of the local wines and cheeses in our collection. If only Italy had remained this glorious through the conversion to the Euro, EU regulations (n'tel cul Brussels!). But the good part will always be in our hearts. Long live the pre-2002 Italy!!!!
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Post by Ember »


E Urbino, ovvio :D
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Post by GiovanniDaRuvo »

Amalfi - E` bellisima.
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Post by timLA »

Il posto più bello in Italia?
Accanto ad un italiano qualsiasi... :D

Ma una singola città? - difficile.
Bassano del Grappa
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Post by rus »

Peter wrote:I have never been to Turin, and have only had a day in Milan. So, of the three cities it would have to be Rome. Saying that, though, for us the most beautiful place will always be Ravello, sitting high above the costiera amalfitana. :)
7 years later and you are still right Peter :D. I suppose time won't change this fact in the future either.

I have been to the Amalfi Coast 2 times until now: 2012 and 2016 and it's absolutely gorgeous. Ravello is the Queen of the Amalfi Coast and Villa Cimbrone in Ravello is an absolute-must: https://www.ravello.com/attractions/villa-cimbrone/

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