L6: Compound Nouns

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L6: Compound Nouns

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L6: Compound Nouns

The compound noun behaves like a regular noun (plural form is indicated by the last letter) when its two parts consist of:
noun + noun: il manoscritto (the manuscript) -> i manoscritti (the manuscripts)
noun + adjective: il palcoscenico (the stage) -> i palcoscenici (the stages)
adjective + noun: il francobollo (the stamp) -> i francobolli (the stamps)
verb + singular noun: l’asciugamano (the towel) -> gli asciugamani (the towels)

The compound noun remains invariable when its two parts consist of:
verb + verb: il viavai (the coming-and-going) -> i viavai (the comings-and-goings)
verb + plural noun: la lavapiatti (the dishwasher) -> le lavapiatti (the dishwashers) Note - la lavapiatti refers to a person who washes dishes manually.
verb + plural noun: la lavastoviglie (the dishwasher) -> le lavastoviglie (the dishwashers) Note - la lavastoviglie means the dishwashing machine.

When the compound noun is made up of two nouns separated by a hyphen, only the first noun takes the plural form:
il divano-letto -> i divani-letto (the sofabeds)
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