L01: What are Pronouns?

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L01: What are Pronouns?

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WHAT ARE PRONOUNS? Che cosa sono i pronomi?

A pronoun is a word that takes the place, or fulfils the function, of a noun. There are several different types of pronoun in Italian, just as there are in English. Examples are: personal, indefinite, reciprocal, reflexive.

There are several different types of personal pronouns, including subject pronoun, both direct and indirect object pronouns, reflexive, disjunctive. In Italian pronouns take the same gender and number (ie singular or plural) as the noun to which they refer. Other types of pronouns, for example relative and demonstrative pronouns, perform other functions but may not necessarily agree in gender or number with the related noun.

All pronouns play a vital role in both spoken and written communication and it can be argued that not having pronouns would severely handicap how we communicate.

The following Notes cover most, if not all, the different pronouns, their functions and also, importantly, where they should sit in a sentence. There are various examples of how to use each type of pronoun.

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