L12: Pronouns used with the Imperative Verb Tense

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L12: Pronouns used with the Imperative Verb Tense

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(Pronomi usati con il tempo verbale imperativo)

The pronouns that are used with the imperative verb tense can be only object (both direct and indirect) or reflexive pronouns. More information about the imperative appears under Verbs and you should familiarise yourself with that before reading further here.

You will often see the pronouns attached to the end of the verb, although they can also go before the verb; please see the examples below. The exception is loro, which must appear after the verb and is not attached to it.

In negative phrases, when using the second person singular, you must use the full infinite of the verb, although the pronoun can be placed either before or after it. Again see the examples below.


Dimmi OR mi dica
Tell me, talk to me

Eat it!

Give it to me!

Mi dia quel coltello! OR Dammi quel coltello!
Give me that knife!

Fammi sapere
Let me know

Non a te preoccupare OR
Non preoccuparti
Don’t worry (yourself)

Non preoccupatevi
Don’t worry (yourselves)

a loro i nostri auguri
Give them our best wishes

Let us (Let’s) do it!

Prendilo a loro
Take it to them

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