L08: Correlative or Demonstrative pronouns

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L08: Correlative or Demonstrative pronouns

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CORRELATIVE or DEMONSTRATIVE PRONOUNS (Pronomi correlativi o demonstrativi)

These pronouns perform a similar task to relative ones. As is the case with relative pronouns, in Italian the correlative or demonstrative pronoun cannot be left out, whereas in English it may well be left out without affecting the meaning of what is being said. They are used where:

what is used in the sense of that which;
he, she are used in the sense of he/she who(m)
they, those are used in the sense of they/those who(m).

You can also use them with all, to make all that.

ciò che or quello che
what (that which)

These two phrases are interchangeable.

he/she who(m)

colui che
he/him who(m), the man who(m)

colei che
she/her who(m), the woman who(m)

coloro che
they/those who(m)

tutto ciò che or tutto quello che
all that


Ho fatto ciò che (or quello che) avevo bisogno da fare
I have done what (that which) I needed to do

Ciò che (Quello che) mi hanno detto non ha mica senso
What (that which) they told me does not make any sense at all.

Ho fatto tutto ciò che (tutto quello che) riesco a fare ora
I have done all (that) I can do now

In the above example that is often omitted in English, without affecting the meaning of the sentence.

Colui che (Chi) ha parlato con papà era un giornalista.
He (the man) who spoke with Father was a journalist.

Colei che (Chi) non era mica contenta è mia zia
She (the woman) who was not at all happy is my aunt.

Ci sono coloro che non saranno d’accordo con quello che intendiamo fare
There are those who will never agree with what (that which) we intend to do.

Use of quello as a demonstrative pronoun

Quello is often used as a demonstrative pronoun to avoid having to repeat the noun, as also happens in English, as shown in the following examples.

Questo libro è il mio. Quello è il tuo.
This book is mine. That one is yours.

Questa lettera è per me. Quella è per te.
This letter is for me. That one is for you.

Questi dischi sono i miei. Quelli sono i tuoi.
These records are mine. Those are yours.

Queste scarpe sono di Andrea. Quelle sono le mie.
These shoes are Andrea’s. Those are mine.

Note that questo/questa/questi/queste are used as adjectives in the first sentence. Whether used as an adjective or a pronoun questo/quello must agree in number and gender with the noun they relate to.

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