Travel Recommendations in Italy--Hotels, Restaurants, etc.

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Locating hotels in Milan

Travel Information Request for Milan
Museums and other sights to see

Last Supper Site.--Reservations are highly recommended ... ast-supper
Check the website first before calling There is a calendar and you can see if they are taking reservation for your date. ... loVinciano



Call now to book or buy: +39 02 92800360

Visits last 15 minutes; no more than 25 people each turn.
For bookings or information about schools or guided tours, please call the call center

For these times a service of guided tour is offered:
9,30 – 15,30 english guided tour
10,00 – 16,00 italian guided tour
Guided tour price for person is euro 3,50 plus the ticket price. For booking guided tour, please call the call center.

2010 prices

Full: 6,50 € (+ advance booking 1,50€)

Reductions: 3,25 € (+ advance booking 1,50€)
* European Union and EES (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) citizens between 18 and 25 yeayrs of age;
* European Union and EES teachers with open-ended contract

Free: 0,00 € (+ 1,50 € advance booking)
* European Union and EES citizens (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) under 18 or over 65 years of age
* I.C.O.M. members (International Council Of Museums)
* Ministry for Arts and Cultures employees
* Secondary school students with Student Card
* European Union teachers and students teaching or attending Architectural Studies, Preservation of Artistic and Cultural Heritage, Arts Faculties and Classical Studies
* European Union teachers and students of Arts Academies
* Pupils from Istituto Centrale per il Restauro, Opificio delle Pietre Dure and Scuola per il Restauro del Mosaico;
* Journalists on the national register;
* European Union disabled people accompanied by a family member or escort
* Volunteer emplyed in cultural promotion and information activities as rugalted by the Ministry art.12 comma 8 of the Code
* Amici di Brera Association Members

Free: 0,00€ (without advance booking)
Bookable only through the CALL CENTER
* Student Groups from European Union private and public schools, accompanied by their teachers with contemporary booking of related services like guides or audio-guides. If not buying services, advance sale will amount to 5€ independently from the number of people.
* European Union Tourist Guides with professional licence are admitted for free, however they must book the ticket by the call center because of capacity reasons.
* European Union Tourist Interpreters when requested to support the Tourist Guide

Information for the Malpensa shuttle ... efault.cfm ... e_arrivare

Malpensa Express ... /index.php ... tran1.html
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Rome information

Sightseeing Guide in Rome ... ights.html
Great sightseeing bus services. I would highly recommend.

You can purchase the tickets at the Bus 110 ticket booth near Termini station located between the city buses in the booth there or aboard the bus.

110 Bus is an open sightseeing bus which makes stops to the main attractions in Rome... It is a hop on/hop/off bus...
Good idea if you have children or adult who cannot walk a lot.
A bus ticket cost 16 euros. and children under 6 do not pay.(children 6-12 years Euro 7,00)
From Termini Station, departing every day, every 15 minutes. You can also hop on one of the buses at one of their stops and buy a ticket.

Archeobus will take you to Appia Antica. It is a sightseeing bus that will take to all the sites of the old Appia way... It departs every hour from 9:45am- 4.45am from the Termini train station. You can buy them on board the bus or at the Red Bus 110 Ticket booth.... They have 2 forms-- a 2 hour sightseeing bus or the hop on/ hop off It cost 13 euro.

If you would like to buy a both tickets you save 2 euros.
The Archeobus ticket + 110 bus - Euro 24,00

For stops for each of the buses, check out this site. The Bus 110 stops are the nearest stop to the attraction. ... us2_4.html

Metro map

Transportation in Rome ... ation.html

Sports Tips in Rome -- Where to run, bike etc. ... -BR-1.html

Walking and Biking Tours in Rome ... s/d511-g16

Entertaining Kids in Rome ... inKids.htm

Dining in Rome on a budget ... _rome.html

Dining in Rome

(At some places in Rome, it is possible to order a half portion of pasta (but not for half price) )

*** Always visit the bathrooms in the local restaurants before you leave. They are usually very clean and are free of charge. I always make this a point on my trips to use them.

Here are some recommended places

Trotteria Monti
Via San Vito, 13A
+39 06-446-6573

Pizzeria la Montecarlo
Vicolo Savelli, 13
+39 06 -686-1877

Gelateria Della Palma - Near the Trevi Fountain
Via della Maddelena
(If you are facing the Trevi Fountain, Della Palma is about two doors down Via della Maddelena which goes off to the right.)

La Botticella- Near Piazza Navona
Via di Tor Millina, 32

Campo dei Fiori Market
Campo dei Fiori
Just north of the Jewish ghetto along the east bank of the Tiber River
(For a cheap lunch just come by early, buy some tomatoes, vegetables, cheese, meats, and some bread and stuff them in your bag. Then go sit by the river, the Bernini fountain, The Fiountain of Trevi, or wherever your heart desires and enough your lunch. Don't forget to buy a drink , or a bottle of wine.)

Gelateria at Giolitti
Via Uffici del Vicario,40
It is the oldest gelateria in Rome

Gelateria di San Crispino--Near Trevi Fountain
City Centre -Fountain of Trevi
Via della Panetteria,42

Felice a Testaccio
Via Mastro Giorgio,29
+39 06-57-46-800

Tre Scalini
Piazza Navona, 28
+39 06- 68-80-1996
(In the middle of the north side of the piazza)
Serves the best authentic home made TARTUFO ice cream. One is enough for two.

Osteria Pucci--Trastevere
Piazzia Mastai,2
+ 39 06 5819870

Osteria della Stazione---Castelli/Marino
Via Scalinata della Stazione
+39 069367090

Osteria della Frezza---Centro Storico
Via della Frezza 16
+39 063226273

If you are looking for inexpensive restaurants, look for the term osteria, tavola calda, rosticceria, trattoria, pizzeria, or "self-service

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Museums in Italy

Recommended Booking Tickets for Rome Attractions ... GAodsUz_WQ

Avoid standing in lines for the more popular sights by making reservations whenever possible.

Make reservations before going to the following:

Florence's Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia (Renaissance paintings and Michelangelo's David) Call: +39 055-294-883 for either museum

To climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa,book online at

Da Vinci’s Last Supper in Milan Tel. +39 028- 942-1146

The Scrovegni Chapel in Padua Tel. +39 049-201-0020

In Rome, the Borghese Gallery Tel. +39 06-32810 and Nero’s Golden House Tel.+39 06-3996- 7700.

To skip the line at Rome's Colosseum, buy a combo-ticket at the Palatine Hill Museum nearby.

Most museums rent audioguides for about $5, giving you a basic, recorded English-language tour of the displays
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Hotel in Padova.

My friend recommended this hotel to me.

l'Hotel Mignon che è in centro e che è comodo
da raggiundere dalla stazione ferroviaria prendendo il bus (10 minuti): è
in via Luca Belludi nr.22 ed è un due stelle (**).
Se vuoi altre informazioni cerca sul sito
E' moltocomodo!!!
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Sleeping in Venice:

Sleeping on the waterfront east of St. Mark's Square

Hotel Fontana
(2 star) lots of stairs, two bridges behind Piazza St. Marco.
Credit cards accepted VISA/Mastercard
Campo San Provolo, Castello,4701
tel: 041/522-0579
fax: 041/523-1040

Sleeping near the Rialto Bridge

Albergo Guerrato
Overlooks a handy and colorful produce market. It
is not far the Rialto action.
Comes witha map of venice(it will be given to
Cash only
Calle drio Scimia, 240a 30125 San Polo
Tel e Fax: 041/522-7131 or 528-5927
SE. speaks English
Call first, books fast.

Hotel Caneva
Has big, bright rooms.
Credit cards accepted Visa/Mastercard (but price increases wth credit card.)
Ramo Dietro La Fava, 5515, 30122 Venezia

Sleeping Northwest/West of St. Mark's Square

Alloggi Alla Scala
A comfy and tidy five room place run by Senora
Andriena della Fiorentina, is homey, central and
tucked away on a quiet square that features a
famous spiral stairway called Scala Contarini del
Credit cards accepted VISA/MASTERCARD
Campo Manin, 4306, San Marco
Tel: 041/521-0629
Fax: 041/522-6451

Sleeping near the Accademia

Hotel Galleria
It is a compact and velvety little 10 room place.

Credit cards accepted Visa/Mastercard
fans, includes breakfast in room, views overlooking
the Grand Canal, near Accademia Gallery.
Dorsoduro 878a, 30123 Venezia.
Tel: 041/523-2489
tel and fax: 041/520-4172
E-mail :
SE speaks English

Sleeping near the Train station

Hotel Marin
Pay cash. It can cost more with a credit card.
The owners speak English
It is near the train station and the canal.
There is an Internet cafe there, and laundrymat

Near St.Mark's Square

Locanda Piava :
CC accepted

Near the Waterfront
Hotel Campiello:
CC accepted

Albergo Paganelli:
CC accepted

Near Rialto Bridge

Hotel Locanda Ovidius :
CC accepted

Locanda Nuovo Venezia
CC accepted

Hotel Giorgione :
CC accepted Check website for discounts

Near Accademia
Pensione Accademia:
CC accepted

Hotel Agli Alboretti:
CC credit card accepted

Hotel Belle Arti:
CC accepted

Locanda San Trovaso:
CC accepted

**Most have English speaking clerks.
** Often the hotels will give you a discount if you pay in cash. Using credit cards at times can cost you a little more. Always ask ...
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My friend gave me this some time ago. I have been searching my files for helpful information for everyone.

Dining in Venice

Venice, full of tourists, is also full of tourist restaurants with bad food and high prices. It is very easy to leave the city with a “bad taste in your mouth.” There are also many good restaurants and bars in the city, and hopefully this list will lead the reader to some of them. I lived in Venice for a year so I have eaten at all of them on several occasions.

A couple of things before you read this - I am no expert on Venice’s "finer" restaurants, because I rarely eat at expensive places. These are all places that cater to either mostly locals or a blend of locals and tourists. I love wine and food and I am extremely picky. Try to eat outside of San Marco and watch out for places with pink tablecloths (my favorite rule). Also, the "menu turistica" may sound like a great deal, but usually the food is dry, bland, and generally disgusting. There are exceptions here, but I rarely order a "menu turistica" because the food is nasty.

When in Venice and if you haven't done so before, try a Spritz. It is a Venetian ritual; an aperitif. I am not going to try to explain - just say Spritz con Aperol if you like sweeter drinks or Spritz Bitter if you like Campari. You will either love it or hate it, but you will have experienced something truly Venetian.

Also, you must try tramezzini and cichetti. Tramezzini are little sandwiches and are imitated all over Italy and I even saw some in Budapest, but they are really a Venetian thing. Arrigo Cipriani from Harry's Bar says they invented them. Hmmm, I don't know. Every bar has them, some have more types than others, and I have included a few bars that I go to just for the tramezzini, which I have listed below. You can get a bunch of different fillings, most include meat or seafood or cheese in various combinations, and they usually cost between 1 and 2 Euros (more if you sit). My favorites are gamberetti (shrimps), tonno & cipolle (tuna with little marinated onions), and piccante (mysterious spread with spice). Cichetti are tasty nuggets of all shapes and sizes to be eaten, for lunch or in the evening, with a glass of wine. You will see all the Venetians hanging out in local bars and osterie at lunch or after work, drinking little glasses of wine and eating cichetti. It is wonderful to join them and go from bar to bar, sampling along the way.

These are organized by Sestiere. Please email me at with any comments.

Taverna San Trovaso, Fondamenta Priuli 1016, tel:041-520-3703
This restaurant will always be special to me for several reasons, the first being it is the first restaurant I dined in, in Venice, right after I crossed the Accademia Bridge for the first time, which changed my life forever. It is very comfortable. A combination, I guess, of the low, black, painted brick ceiling, the friendly service, almost always being able to get a table, and almost always eating something really tasty. The food won't rock your world but it is close to gourmet by Venice standards, and is a very good price, with large portions, so watch how much you order or you may not be able to finish. The green salads are really good for Venice. The pastas are good, and they have my favorite lasagna here. Also great are the fried shrimps. In fact, this is my perfect, I am going to stuff myself Sunday night dinner: lasagna, then fried shrimps, then profiteroles, washed down by a bunch of red wine, at Taverna San Trovaso. They are closed Monday, and it never hurts to make a reservation. They even have a non smoking room that is not smoky.

Pizzeria Accademia,
On the Dorsoduro side of the Accademia Bridge
Really good, inexpensive pizza with an amazing outside sitting area, right on the Grand Canal with a view of the Salute church. Service is slow but who cares with this view? My favorite pizza here is the Verdure (vegetable). They serve a breakfast in the morning, and sandwiches all day. They have Veuve Cliquot on the wine list in case you want a $70 bottle of wine with your $7.00 pizza. I think the view rates a bottle of Veuve for an extra special treat. If you are going to splurge on the Veuve please give me a call.

Vini al Bottegon Cantinone, San Trovaso 992
A wine bar - all locals, right on the San Trovaso canal by the gondola repair shop. The best time to come is around noon when they have fantastic crostini for lunch. Try the tuna spread with leeks, or a mild goat cheese with fruit mustard. After the lunch rush they are usually sold out of crostini but have a selection of other nibbles. They have a great selection of wines for sale and great people watching. This is a good place to stock up on wine for your hotel room if you are staying in Dorsoduro or in the Accademia area of San Marco.
Casin dei Nobili, Dorsoduro 2765 (next to Campo San Barnaba, Accademia side), tel:041-241-1841
Big, fun, happening place with reasonably priced, tasty food. A big plus is the huge non-smoking room. Closed Monday, reservations recommended.

San Polo
Osteria Antico Dolo, Vecchia San Giovanni 773, tel:522-6546
A wonderful place, with a lot of care and love put into just about everything. Small, warm, welcoming, with big bowls of flowers on every table. The food is exceptional. Try the antipasto misto, an everchanging heaping platter of really well done vegetables, a couple of crostini, and some standard fried thingies. The vegetables are really great. I hate cooked carrots yet I ate my cooked carrots here and they were as good as profiteroles (well almost.) They have beautiful risotto with black ink, the black risotto topped with a tomato rose and parsley - so beautiful, so much care. On my last visit I had huge, potato chunk looking gnocchi with a wonderful sauce of chopped olives and vegetables. Besides this, fish dishes are offered. I would consider this restaurant a splurge now that I live in Venice, but back when I was a tourist I would have considered it a delicious bargain.

Osteria alla Patatina, Calle Saoneri 2741A, tel:523-7238
Though this osteria offers a "menu turistica," I have never seen any turisticas in here. All I see are Venetian blue collar guys. So you know the food is good, right? Lots of wines by the glass and carafe, dozens of seafood and vegetable dishes on the bar counter, wonderful pasta and gnocchi. Try and arrive early, like 11:45 for lunch and 7:30 at dinner, to get a table.
Due Colonne, San Polo 2343, Campo S. Agostin, tel:041-524-0685
A great pizzeria frequented by mostly Venetians. In the summer they set up a huge tent in the campo outside. Still, at any time of the year try to secure a reservation because this place gets packed. Closed Sunday.

Osteria da Andrea, 122 Campo S.Giacometto, 30125 Venezia, tel:041-5232061
I am going to let you in on a sweet secret here. This restaurant has tables outside, right on the Grand Canal. This restaurant has very, very reasonable wine prices. If you come at about 6 or 6:30, you can hang out at these tables for a while and drink wine. Eventually, you will be kicked out if you don’t have a dinner reservation, but they also have reasonable, tasty food if you want to stay for dinner. It is a magnificent place to hang out when the weather is warm. And you will pay peanuts for wine here compared to what you pay right over the bridge at the Lowenbrau bar.

Osteria Vivaldi, 1457 Calle de la Madoneta, 041-523-8185
This whole restaurant, including the bar, is completely Non-Smoking. It is a nice place to stop for a plate of cichetti and a glass of wine, and look out onto the busy main thoroughfare. Of course, they play only Vivaldi on the stereo, and have lots of Vivaldi stuff to look at.

Santa Croce
La Zucca, Ponte del Megio 1762
One of my two favorite restaurants in Venice. La Zucca offers inexpensive, interesting, and sometimes extremely rich pastas and vegetable dishes, the only truly magnificent green salad I have had in Venice, served up by a super nice, helpful staff. Avoid the meat dishes (this started out as a vegetarian restaurant and it shows) - and it helps to have your Marlings Menu Master. If you go and they have the pumpkin soup, definitely get it. And if you like perfect food and wine pairings, try a glass of Soave with the pumpkin soup. Mi Dio! That is good. They have an eclectic wine list with really low prices. If I could picture one "California bistro" style restaurant in Venice, this would be it. You should absolutely make reservations before you go to La Zucca. And, as I said, the food can be rich, so it may be best to order a few items and share. For dessert, my favorite is the panna cotta with honey and nuts – incredible. NOTE: I used to never get meat here, but on my last visit I had a steak with guacamole. Guacamole, in Venice! It was a wonderful dish. Closed Sunday.
Pizzeria Ae Oche, Calle delle Tintor 1552 (near Campo S. Giacomo dell’Orio), tel:041-524-1161
I searched and searched for a spicy pizza that was spicy enough for me, searched in vain, until I tried the Pizza Mangiafuoco at Ae Oche. That sucker is HOT. So hot I could not finish it. I love this place, I love the pizza, I love the no-smoking room. Go with a group and at least split one Mangiafuoco if you like spicy foods. Closed Monday.

La Cantina Wine Bar, Campo San Felice
This cozy place is run by two guys, Francesco and Andrea, who love what they do. It shows. Andrea is very cute, and I think he is the reason I come here so much, even more than the wine. Francesco makes plates full of little crostini and he makes sandwiches too, and all you have to do is go inside and look at his work area to see that he takes this very seriously. They sell just about every Italian varietal by the glass, and they also sell a lot of French Champagnes, though I have never seen any one order any. The outside tables are great for people watching. This is where I usually arrange to meet people from AOL, and I haven't had any complaints, in fact they usually go back again and again. Closed Sunday.

Vecia Carbonera, Rio Terra della Maddelena 2329
Another wine bar, but way different. Order some wine at the bar and head into the back room, full of big wooden tables. This is a good place to hide, write, read, have a clandestine affair, whatever. They have some passable (barely) snacks, and live jazz on Thursday and Sunday. The hours are really crazy – usually they are closed Monday and Tuesday, but they take a lot of holidays. If you show up and they are closed, head down Strada Nova to La Cantina instead.

Right where you catch the vaporetto to Murano or Torcello, making this a nice stop in case you are headed out there. A great bar with a young, lively staff and great tramezzini and other little delectables, plus one of the best Spritzes in town and a wonderful patio on the lagoon. You can get decent pizzas and salads here too, they also have lots of pasta dishes that I have never tried but seem to feed legions of Vaporetto drivers. They close early, between 7 and 8 in the evening.

Iguana, Fondamenta Misercordia
Mexican food in Venice. I love this place, though it is not really Mexican food, more like a Mexican Venetian hybrid. The enchiladas are like lasagna, but yummy (and fattening). Good quesadillas and they even have what seems to be real guacamole. Very cool atmosphere with mostly local clientel, and if you are dying for a salad, this is a good place to get one. They have menus in English and in Italian, and they are sure to give you the English version, but two of my favorite items are not featured on this menu. So, to confuse the waiter, for an appetizer order the "salsa misto," which includes a red salsa, guacamole, and a pretty tasty black bean dip, though the chips contain enough oil to fill a deep fryer (a bit of grappa after dinner cuts through this.) Also on the Italiano menu only is a perfectly acceptable plato of fajitas. In the summer they have canalside dining. It is VERY smoky inside. Tuesday nights they have live music, but these nights it is even smokier. Closed Monday.

Nova Vita, Strada Nova 4000
GREAT tramezzini, but get there early because they run out. To find Nova Vita, coming from Campo San Apostoli, go past the San Sofia Traghetto stop and it is the first bar on the left, with a few tables in front with very colorful cloths. Very busy, the people are very nice and only once in about 500 visits did someone try to rip me off. (She is the one that looks like she should work at alla Strega instead.) Nova Vita also makes an excellent spritz, and they stay open until 2 AM on the weekends.

The Bar in Campo San Apostoli, Campo San Apostoli
There is only one reason to go here, and that is the tramezzini are so good. The outside tables are wonderful for people watching and hanging out, but the waiters are downright hostile. Even if they know you. If you can put up with Little Hitler, the main waiter, you will be awarded with a really nice atmosphere to eat your tramezzini con gamberetti (they have the best, biggest, sweetest gamberetti here.) If you would rather not deal, and also to save money, just eat them inside standing up at the bar. My ex-neighbor works inside and he is very nice. (I call him Punk Rock boy. I do not think he knows I live next door to him.) You could also get your table, then go inside and order from Punk Rock boy, thereby avoiding Little Hitler. They also have a restaurant with pizza and stuff but stick with the tramezzini. It is worth the pain.

Osteria Da Alberto, Calle Giacinto Gallina 5401, between Campo SS. Giovanni & Paolo and Campo Santa Maria Nova (where Chiesa dei Miracoli is), Cannaregio, tel:041 523 8153
Truly an excellent osteria, and for the price (actually for many prices) it does not get much better than this, in Venice. The printed menu is your basic Venice menu in four languages, but try to order one of the daily specials, posted on the window outside and recited tableside by cute waitress-persons, in English. To start I like to have the vegetable appetizer... good, simple, delicious. I have had the fish appetizer too, and it is good, if you like Octopus and Baccala. But where this restaurant really shines is in the daily specials, usually a risotto, a couple of pastas, a fish, and a meat. The pastas and risottos are wonderful, the pasta almost perfectly cooked and the risotto not so al-dente as you may have come to expect, and they have great sauces... radicchio and gorgonzola, scampi and zucchini, tuna and tomatoes... Fish is simple, fresh fish, whole, on your plate. And for meat, I had a filet of beef, smothered in tomatoes and zucchini, that was the best piece of meat I have ever had in Italy, much less Venice. (I am discussing food.) House wines are good, and this place is so reasonably priced, it would be a crime not to eat here. The staff are all young, cute, and speak pretty good English. Make reservations for dinner, lunch you may be able to get a table just walking in.

La Perla, Cannaregio 4615, Rio Tera dei Franceschi, tel:041-528-5175
I love La Perla. They have great pizza, decent pastas, and tasty fried vegetable thingies to start. They have a great staff, but can get busy and when they are, service can be a bit slow. Since this is very near Campo S. Apostoli this is a great place to eat if you are staying at the Hotel Giorgione, or going to the Tuesday night movie in English at the Giorgione theater. Closed Sunday.

Casa Mia, Cannaregio, 4430, SS.Apostoli - Calle dell'oca, 30121 Venezia, tel:041-5285590
Another great pizzeria and very near La Perla, so if you cannot get into one you can get into the other. Hint: If both are really busy, and one of your party is a female under fifty, send them into Casa Mia to score the table. The chef always seats women first. My favorite pizza here is covered with fresh salame – not cooked – really, really tasty. As with La Perla this place gets packed and so arrive early; also service can be really slow. Closed Tueday.

Alla Strega, Barbaria d. Tole 6418
A great pizzeria near Campo San Giovanni & Paolo. They have a very interesting "Halloween" theme and this is where I would take my goth friends from San Francisco. They have a very nice garden and there are more Venetians here than tourists, I'd say. They offer so many different pizzas it is hard to choose.. they even have a pizza with pumpkin and biscotti crumbs.

L'Olandese Volante, Campo San Lio
You cannot miss it, this great bar has tables outside that are always packed at night. This is my neighborhood haunt, and it seems everyone I know here comes to L'Olandese Volante. The staff are efficient, friendly, and cute. They have decent wine, lots of beer on tap, great Spritzes and a constant river of Venetians (and tourists) flowing in and out. They have French Fries! They have sandwiches (you can do better) and salads and sometimes pastas, but snack on French Fries and eat elsewhere.

Da Remigio
I have removed this from my list because even though it is in every tour book, and is always packed, I just don't get it. I hate when people serve green tomatoes, this is ITALY. There are better places to eat, though I reckon this is better than a lot of the true crap eating establishments in this area. If someone has had a good meal here, could you let me know?

Alla Botte, San Marco, 5482 San Bartolomeo, 30124 Venezia, tel:041-5209775
Shhh. Only locals go here for great cichetti and a huge selection of wine by the glass. If you can find it, you can partake. Find the public bathroom, keep going around the corner, and look for the number. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Pizzeria Bora Bora, Calle Stagneri 5251, near Campo San Bartolomeo.
A bit pricey, but the pizzas are excellent and they seem to be open when other places are not. The location is really good, right near the Rialto Bridge, and the South Seas theme is, well, interesting.

San Marco
Vino Vino, Ponte delle Veste 2007A, tel:241-7688
The coolest thing about Vino Vino is that you see the food you are going to eat before you order it, and the second coolest is the huge wine list and the many types of wine by the glass they offer. Oh, the prices are also pretty cool. You walk in, see what they offer for the day, order and they bring it to you. I love the lasagne here (always different, but if they have the artichoke lasagne definitely try it. They also have pretty good roast chicken, excellent Veal scallopine, tasty vegetables and good pasta and rice dishes. Prices for each little plate range from about L. 7000 - L. 16,000. If you would like to try an excellent red wine you cannot get at home, order a bottle of Teraldago for L. 22,000. Closed Tuesday but open late the rest of the week.

Osteria Da Carla, San Marco 1535, It is in a little alley off Frezzeria, tel:523-7855
One night en route to Vino Vino I passed this and decided to try it. I am so glad I did. I was very surprised that a restaurant so close to St. Marks Square could be so laid back, homey, and good. They have some tables outside, and I think just about the sweetest waitress-person I have ever had in Venice. I had a wonderful risotto with vegetables here, also some great seabass with a red wine sauce. But the thing I remember most was a plate of cheeses with honey and jam. That was awesome. Not expensive... lots of great wines too.

Sempione, Ponte Baretteri 578
A great, fun place - try to get the youngish waiter - say I want you, and I want to order the wine with the naked lady on it. He is a lot of fun. Great fresh seafood, spinach, and fegata (liver.)A Footnote: On my most recent trip (February 2000) I wasn't so happy with Sempione. However, it was during Carnivale and they weren't at all busy, so it could be that the waiters and cooks were just cranky or something. If you eat there let me know how it is these days. Another note: Tried Sempione again January 2002. It is kind of expensive, but has decent food. One can do better.

Bistro Venise, Calle Fabbri 4685
Nice outside canalside dining area, plus stays open late. This restaurant specializes in "historical" Venetian food, and it is very good. In a prime spot between the Rialto and St. Marks, you are sure to pass it at one point or another while you are here. They have poetry readings and live music a couple times a week.

alle Botteghe Osteria, Calle delle Botteghe 3454
Good tramezzini and cheap wine; the best thing about this wonderful place is the tiny bar that looks out onto a miniscule, bustling calle. Could sit here for hours (and have).

Il Cavatappi, Campo della Guerra 525/526, tel:041-296-0252
A great new place with so many things going for it, I probably will forget something. They are close to Piazza San Marco; they are open very late; they have a great list of wines by the glass; they have good, unique sandwiches, they have great – great! – cheeses and meats to try in the evenings. The wine list changes every two months, with a different region featured, and the cheeses change with the wine. They also serve a lunch, with a set menu with wine for only $9 or $10 euro. They ALSO have ethnic food on Saturday nights – the menu changes every week. What else? Even though you are close to the Piazza you won’t be ripped off, and Marco and the staff all speak excellent English. Closed Sunday.

The Bar at the Foot of the Rialto Bridge (Lowenbrau Bar)
What can I say? Sit at a table with your back against the RIALTO BRIDGE, the GRAND CANAL nipping your toes. On a summer Saturday night, the Grand Canal is the El Camino of Venice; police boats, vaporettos, kids in their outboard motor dinghys, rich people in water taxis, gondolas.... a 1/2 carafe of wine will only set you back a few bucks, and they never, ever rush you. The most magnificent place (to me) in the world.

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Villa Borghese

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Information for the Villa Borghese in Rome

Sports Travel-- ... -BR-1.html

Walking and Biking Tours ... s/d511-g16

Although most of the sights in Rome are within walking distance or accessible by public transportation, two wheels will give you the freedom to see exactly what interests you, and in less time. To really "do as the Romans do," you'll have to drive around on a Vespa--but Rome is definitely NOT the place to learn how to operate a scooter! However, if you think you can handle it, you'll have no trouble finding rental places all around the city (rental averages € 40.00-50.00 for one day). Another way to see the city is by bicycle--better for the parks or Sunday mornings when the traffic isn't too chaotic.
Note: A word of caution regarding biking in Rome --Roman drivers are not all that accustomed to seeing bicycles on their streets, so don't assume that they see you or will make room for you. And when you see a green light in front of you, it doesn't necessarily mean that the intersection is clear! Many Roman drivers read a yellow light as "speed up" instead of "slow down

Booking Tickets ... borghese-- You can get free ticket if you are a citizen of EU. ... inKids.htm

Borghese Gallery
A wonderfully intimate collection of some of the most important Renaissance and Baroque paintings in the world, including works by Raphael, Titian, and Caravaggio, plus amazing Baroque and Neo-Classical sculptures by Bernini and Canova. P.le Museo Borghese (Villa Borghese) Tel. 06 32810, Tues-Sun 9am-7.30pm (entry by reservation only at 9am , 11am , 1pm , 3pm , and 5pm ); Mon closed. It is advisable to book at least a few days in advance. € 6.50 + €2.00 booking fee. Bus 116 or 910 to Porta Pinciana.

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Parco Appia Antica in Rome

Points of Interest

Points of Interest in the Appia Antica Park

Appia Antica Card and Archeologia Cards are passes that you can use to visit certain attractions. They are valid for 7 days. You can visit each attraction associated with each card once..,
The cards do not include the bus or metro

Appia Antica card cost 6 euros and the Archeologia card is 20 euros.

Archeologia card includes the entrance to all the sites of the Roman National Museum, to the Colosseum, the Palatine, the Baths of Caracalla, the Tomb of Cecilia Metella and the Villa of the Quintili. The card can be purchased from the ticket counters of each site, except for the Tomb of Cecilia Metella and the Villa of the Quintili, and also from the Visitor Center of Rome Tourist Board (APT) in Via Parigi 5.

The Appia Antica card includes the entrance to the Baths of Caracalla, the Tomb of Cecilia Metella and the Villa of the Quintili.

You can purchase the Appia Antica pass at any of the attractions . I was in Rome recently and we did this.

For information on the attractions ... sei08.html

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Information for the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel -Rome- Vatican City.

Musei Vaticani e Cappella Sistina
Viale Vaticano - 00165
00120 Città del Vaticano
Tel. 06.69884947 - Fax 06.69885061

Dal 1° aprile al 31 ottobre: 8.45-16.45
Dal 1° novembre al 31 marzo: 8.45-13.45
Chiusi tutte le domeniche eccetto l'ultima del mese, nella quale i Musei sono aperti con ingresso libero.
From April 1 to October 31: 8.45-16.45
From November 1 to March 31: 8.45-13.45
Closed all Sundays and holidays, except for the last Sunday of the month when the Musei are open with free admission.

Get free tickets at Santa Susanana for the papal audience

At St. Peter's Basilica You can view the tomb of Pope John Paul and St. Peter by lining up just left of the line for climbing the dome. A guide will take you under the church. There is no charge.

Please Read
Vatican Takes Steps to Control Overcrowding ... urneys.htm

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When Making Hotel Reservations Cover The Following Points:

1. Your dates, time of arrival, and the number of people.

2. The size and types of rooms (double, twin , extra bed, adjoining room, etc.)

3. Facilities needed: private shower, bath olr hall facilities (shared bathroom/shower if ok with you.)

4. Location of room: view, on the street, on the courtyard, etc.

5. The rates: Determine the nightly rate; whether there is breakfast included (I have heard mixed views on this. : Whether or not to eat at a hotel that has a breakfast(continental) or not to eat the breakfast (some say it is a good deal to eat at places with Breakfast (this way you have your first meal of the day and you are not feeling hungry when you go out on your day trip.) Others say , it is a waste. Check if there is a difference in price if you do not eat the breakfast.) Often just going to the local bar and having a coffee or cappuccio and a danish/ pastry with the locals can be cheaper and interesting.

BREAKFAST- If you choose not to have it and it is offered be sure that is deducted from the quoted rate if possible.
HOTEL TAX AND SERVICE RATE: Be sure that is included in the quoted rate. It is not always the case. Then taxes can be high.

6. Determine the deposit required and the form of payment. Do not forget to ask about the cancellation policy

7. Request a confirmation in writing from the hotel for both your reservation and deposit.Bring the confirmations with you when you are checking in at the desk. You may have to prove that you have a reservation and that you are not book in a more expensive room or that you are.

When making Hotel Reservations by fax, e-mail, or snail mail. Remember to include anything above that is not mentioned on the form. Be very firm and specific.
Helpful Hotel Reservation form.
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Is a stand up, take out kind of restaurant. often, you'll see people standing outside eating a slice of pizza, or sipping an espresso.
There is a large price difference between eating the exact same food seated OR standing at the bar.

Is a smaller restaurant, small sitting space, small kitchen, but attentive service, and usually a rotating menu.

Is larger than an osteria, but smaller than a restaurant.

Is a larger dining venue.

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Restaurant recommendation in Sicily

Kentia, Via N. Botta, 15

The fish dish we had there was wonderful. This type of fish is usually not sold in the US but I was told it is equivalent of a lemon sole in the United States.

Ristorante Pizzeria Bellia
Via a Manzoni, 60
Piazza Armerina (EN)

This is an agriturismo, a little out of the way, probably accessible only by car. Everything you eat here is made on the farm. The meal we had was wonderful because everything was so fresh!

U' Strascinu
Seemed like a place where lots of locals dine. The decor was also amazing. There were some beautiful, very old hand-decorated Sicilian carts -- they used them for displaying the cold dishes and the desserts. There is a large party /banquet type room downstairs filled with more old Sicilian craft. Our dinner was excellent. The crowd a bit noisy (happy not annoying) because of the echo-ey nature of the tiles and hard surfaces.
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Need help planning your trip to Italy ... 2386#22386
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"As rare as true love is, it is not as rare as true friendship."
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