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Italian Online Teacher

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Ciao, my name is Roberta and I am 31 years old, I was born in Sicily and I live in Sicily.
I graduated in Italian literature and Italian linguistic studies.
In 2014 I achieved the CEDILS certification at Venice University ‘Ca Foscari, that has enabled me to teach Italian to foreigners.
I started tutoring in 2014 and now I am a full-time teacher of Italian language.
During my lessons attention will be focused on conversation, Italian words and grammar will be learnt through examples and gestures, not only through rules. I believe that learning a language should always be a pleasure, that’s why I always look for a fun and engaging way to stimulate my students through an inductive method, which therefore will always be flexible, engaging and effective, no matter what the student’s reason is to learn Italian.
I love my language and I always do my best to share my passion.

If someone need an intensive course, to learn Italian in a fun and simple way, I'm here to help you.
Give a look to my web site if someone is interested:
Italian language teacher to foreigners

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