Tips for getting to a conversational level

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Tips for getting to a conversational level

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Ciao a tutti!

I have started learning Italian over the last three months and really enjoying it. I got started using an edX course which has beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and I am just finishing the beginner course. I find I can recognise basic Italian but I am at a complete loss when it comes to forming basic sentences in either a written or spoken context which is discouraging at times as ultimately I want to be able to communicate in the language. I have signed up for Italki and have found the Italian speaking world to be very friendly and have ordered a basic Italian conversation book to get a starting point for conversations. Does anyone have any additional tips, I am not looking for a quick fix, I know learning a language will take many years, I just want to get on the right path early on so I don't have to repair major issues later on.

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Re: Tips for getting to a conversational level

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Hi, em_angeletti.

As far as spoken contexts are concerned, I think you should not worry too much. I studied English at university and could read and write pretty well, but I had a lot of trouble carrying on an extended conversation. Learning a language, has plateaus - periods when it appears that nothing is improving - however, once a plateau has been passed, you will notice the improvement.
As to written contexts, you could try to build up easy conversations on everyday topics. Just to start, I suggest using the basic Italian you already know. You might want to post them in this forum and we’ll be glad to correct them, if necessary, and comment on them. This way, you’ll be able to improve your knowledge of the language and learn new vocabulary.
I hope I helped.


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