Hello Everyone

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Hello Everyone

Post by leximaier333 »

My name is Lexi,
I am at the start of my learning journey since I have just been sent to Rome by work with really no previous knowledge but I am eager to learn. Moving to a new country is how I learned German fluently.
I hope that this forum can help me on my way to learning more, since the only sentence I know is mantenere I tuoi amici vicini e tuoi nemici piu vicini, and I am not sure if that even makes sense is grammatically correct or what it means, if someone could tell me that would be awesome.
Anyway I hope I can find some good interactions here
Thank you
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Re: Hello Everyone

Post by Peter »

Hi Lexi and welcome - benvenuto. I wish you well in your Roman experience.

The phrase you have used means: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Good advice!

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