Hi all!!

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Hi all!!

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Hi all!!
I'm Roderique from the Netherlands and I've hot a sad story but a story nonetheless why I came here for some help..

Last february my mother passed away, way to young and unexpected. Nevertheless she was able to lease us with a last sentence of wisdom.
In Dutch she said:
"stel niet uit tot morgen wat je vandaag kunt doen, want het leven haalt je in"
In English it means:
"Do not postpone to tomorrow what you can do today, because life overtakes you before you know it."

My mother has Sicilian blood, and I'm working on a tattoo to insert this text in it. Because of her blood heritage I find it to be an honour to have the text in Sicilian but none of us know the language.

Is there anyone here who can help?

Kind regards,


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